An international client operating in the mobility industry initiated the collaboration with MKOR in order to identify development opportunities in the regional market.

In this sense, we mapped the actors with potential for engineering services addressed to the mobility industry in the value chain in Romania and Hungary, with a focus on applications in aeronautics, automotive and railway. The results could be explored by the customer in an interactive online dashboard.

Mapping the potential mobility engineering market in Romania and Hungary

The aim of the study was to identify and analyze the main manufacturing companies (OEMs and Tier 1) in Romania and Hungary, on the three targeted market segments: aeronautics, automotive and railway.

The information was collected from public sources, including official statistics from the region, as well as the available financial results of market players.

Subsequently, the data were analyzed and aggregated in an interactive dashboard, which allowed segmentation according to criteria such as market sector, business model, product categories or services offered.

Research Objectives

The main objectives of the research were aimed at:

  • Identifying the players in the mobility market in Romania and Hungary
  • Identifying the segments with high potential for engineering services (mobility engineering)

About the Research

To achieve the assumed objectives, we used a mixed methodology through which the information collected from secondary sources was subsequently analyzed quantitatively.

  • Target: Romania and Hungary
  • Research tools: desk research and quantitative analysis

About the client

The client is an international company that provides engineering and design services for products in the mobility industry. They wanted to know the potential for expansion in the Romanian and Hungarian mobility markets.

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