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Study of Behaviors and Attitudes Towards Employees – The Reality of Romanian Management – TBF

To deeply understand the perceptions of Romanian employees regarding the organizations they work for, TBF has initiated a research partnership with the MKOR team.

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B2C Opportunity Study – Remittance Market in Romania – Paysilvania

In order to better understand the specifics of the personal money transfer market in general and the remittance market in particular, Paysilvania commissioned MKOR to conduct a market study.

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B2B opportunity study – Romanian online payment market – Paysilvania

In order to better understand the specifics of the money transfer market in the business environment, Paysilvania delegated MKOR to carry out a market study to explore the potential use in the business environment of the facilities offered…

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Study of usage and attitudes (U&A) – Romanian lingerie market – Piera

Piera delegated MKOR to carry out a market study to delve into topics of interest regarding the purchase of lingerie in general.

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Customer perception and satisfaction study Service in the foreign exchange market in Romania BSG Money Exchange

The collaboration between BSG Amanet & Exchange and MKOR aims to determine our client's positioning on the Romanian pawnshop and foreign exchange market.

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MKOR Esomar 28

Get to know us better, ESOMAR asked, we answered. Download our Esomar 28 response to see how MKOR differentiates itself from other sample providers. Provable market research by MKOR.

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Studiu Brand Tracker

Brand Tracker Research – Brand Awareness Identification – TBI Bank

TBI Bank wanted to measure its brand notoriety in the Romanian market, among consumers of financial products and services. To better understand their customers, TBI Bank delegated MKOR Consulting to conduct a quantitative study.

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Studiu Cantitativ Testare Concept Peditel

Quantitative Study – Concept Testing – Peditel

The Părinți în România Foundation (Parents in Romania) requested a quantitative study to test a mobile app concept among the users of the Peditel service. MKOR enthusiastically responded to the request and joined the initiative by…

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Romanian E-commerce Report 2022

Quantitative Study – Identification of the Romanian eCommerce Market Characteristics – VTEX

VTEX wanted an in-depth understanding of the Romanian eCommerce market, identifying the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the trends imposed by it.

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Usage and Attitude (U&A) Study – Development Opportunities in the Regional Tourism Market in the Șureanu Area

Collaboration with a group of investors to better understand potential customers and identify the habits and attitudes of Romanians in the targeted area regarding the choice of vacation destinations.

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