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Urban Millennial Moms Are the Face of the Ethical Consumer Profile in Romania

In 2024, the Ethical Consumer in Romania is reshaping the market with responsible purchasing decisions, focusing on social, ecological, and moral impact. The MKOR study reveals that 38% of Romanians take an active role in protecting the…

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Study of Behaviors and Attitudes: Portrait of Generation Z “I Want to be an Entrepreneur” a RBL project

Through rigorous research and analysis methods, the MKOR team has decoded Gen Z's preferences for a flexible working environment, the importance of continuous development, and the need for sustainable business practices. These strategic…

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Employee Sentiment Study: What Plans and Expectations Do Employees Have in 2024?

In a constantly evolving work environment, understanding the expectations and sentiments of employees is crucial for companies and leaders. MKOR's Employee Sentiment Report 2024 study offers a valuable perspective on the plans, hopes, and…

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What Is Brand Tracking and Why Do You Need to Measure Brand Awareness to Grow Your Business

Brand tracking is not just about understanding your brand’s current status but is a strategic tool for sustained business growth. Brand tracking, the process of analyzing how well a brand is recognized and perceived, is essential for…

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Mystery Shopping: MKOR’s Tool for Measuring Brand Promises

The Mystery Shopping research technique provides invaluable insights into customer experience, service quality, and operational execution.

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Behavioral Study – Home Cleaning and Disinfectants Market – Klintensiv

In a world where cleanliness and disinfection have become essential priorities, the research conducted by MKOR for Klintensiv® reveals the habits and preferences of Romanian consumers in these areas. By analyzing a nationally…

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How MKOR Does Market Research To Measure Customer Satisfaction

Dive into the world of customer satisfaction with MKOR's expert guidance. Discover how thorough research can reveal what truly makes your customers happy, leading to loyal clients and sustainable growth. Learn to measure and enhance…

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Travel Behaviors and Attitudes Study – Romanian Travel and Car Rental Habits 2023 – AVIS

AVIS has commissioned MKOR Consulting to conduct a behavioral and attitudinal study aimed at gaining insights into Romanians' perceptions of travel and car rental experiences.

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Behaviors and attitudes Research – Romanians’ habits of donating – Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation

In order to better achieve its goals of fundraising and awareness of the ongoing projects, the Metropolis Foundation delegated MKOR to carry out a study of behaviors and attitudes to capture the donation habits of Romanians.

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B2B Opportunity Research – Software Solutions for Business Management – Senior Software

Senior Software company has tasked MKOR with conducting a B2B opportunity research to validate the potential of an innovative solution for integrated company resource management.

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