Research for Evaluating and Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Evaluate employees' experience, satisfaction level, and loyalty, and develop strategies for a healthy organizational culture through employee satisfaction research.

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Stay ahead by continuously tracking employee satisfaction within your organization. MKOR helps businesses uncover the needs and expectations of their teams, enhancing organizational culture and boosting productivity.

Employee Satisfaction

Identify your team's needs and expectations to pinpoint issues that could lead to employee turnover and affect retention. Our targeted approach helps you understand the underlying factors impacting your team's job satisfaction and engagement.

Organizational Culture

Gain critical feedback on your organizational culture, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and implement the necessary changes for a healthier work environment. With MKOR, transform your company's culture into a dynamic asset that drives improvement and positive change.

Employer Brand

Strengthen your employer brand by increasing loyalty and commitment among your employees and promoting a positive organizational culture. Let MKOR guide you in creating a strong employer brand that resonates with current and potential talent, setting you apart in the competitive market.

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Employee Satisfaction Studies

Discover just how satisfied your employees are with our specialized satisfaction evaluation services. Learn how we can assist in enhancing your organizational culture, increasing retention, and boosting employee productivity.

What is an Employee Satisfaction Study?

Boost Satisfaction, Productivity, and Loyalty Among Employees

An Employee Satisfaction Study is meticulously designed to measure how content your workforce is with their job roles, work environment, relationships with colleagues and management, HR policies, compensation, and other significant factors.

The main goal is to gather employee feedback to pinpoint organizational strengths and areas for improvement, particularly regarding working conditions and resource management. The insights garnered from the study are leveraged to enhance the overall job satisfaction of the employees.

Direct benefits include a boost in team morale, a reduction in staff turnover, an increase in productivity, and an elevation in profitability.

Elevate Your Employer Brand

Employee Satisfaction Studies play a crucial role in enriching your employer brand by fostering employee loyalty and engagement, and by advocating for a positive organizational culture.

Gain invaluable insights into your team's perspective—what they value, their views on the organization, and how they interact with HR policies and initiatives. These insights are not just feedback; they are the building blocks for your company's future human resource strategies.

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What Questions Does an Employee Satisfaction Survey Answer?

Gather Insights on Employee Perceptions

    • How satisfied are employees with the work they do and the responsibilities they have?
    • How well do the values and culture of the organization align with their personal values and interests?
    • How well are they treated by colleagues and organization leadership?
    • How satisfied are they with the work environment and conditions, including the work schedule and the opportunity to work from home?
    • How satisfied are they with the professional and personal development policies, including learning and career development opportunities?
    • How satisfied are they with the salary compensation and benefits offered by the organization?
    • How satisfied are they with the communication within the organization, including the feedback received and opportunities for involvement in decision-making?
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When do you conduct an Employee Satisfaction Study?

At least once a year

Studies assessing employee satisfaction should be conducted regularly, typically annually, or at specific times, such as before and after major organizational changes like mergers, reorganizations, leadership shifts, or the implementation of significant training or development programs for employees.

MKOR Expert Recommendation

MKOR experts recommend conducting an Employee Satisfaction Research at least once per year. Don't forget to include a section on Diversity and Inclusion, as this is an aspect that significantly enhances workplace satisfaction from the perspective of both employees and companies, according to our studies.

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The methodologies used for Job Satisfaction Evaluation Studies

In-depth Interview

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What do you receive as part of a Employee Satisfaction Research Project?

Tangible Results and Strategic Recommendations. You will gain access to all deliverables of the project, which include:

Research report

Interactive dashboard

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


We Guide You in Monitoring Employee Satisfaction and Uncovering Opportunities for Improvement, Creating a Stable and Healthy Work Environment

Set Clear Objectives Together

We dive deep into the needs of your company to set precise research objectives. Leveraging this understanding, we select the most suitable methodology for your satisfaction research to lay the foundation for transformative insights.

Direct Data from the Source

MKOR experts spring into action to harvest the most relevant employee aspects both quantitatively and qualitatively, offering a genuine picture of the organizational climate they operate in.

Receive Actionable Recommendations

We take responsibility for the results of our studies and guarantee their validity. Our reports are interactive, easy to understand, and provide insights for business growth.


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