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You want to test an innovative idea or a new concept discovered in the R&D department (research & development) before launching it.

Our approach

In a matter of days, we test multiple concepts and adapt the approach according to the results.

We Deliver Results

You receive real-time access on how you can improve your concept, benefiting from the wisdom of crowd.

I have a great idea for a new product (or service)!

Have you ever heard these words or uttered them yourself?

The moment a new idea comes to mind is magic!

After the initial enthusiasm, you need to find out whether that product or service already exists or not. If it does not exist, will you ask why it does not exist? Maybe it does not even represent a real business opportunity?

And if it actually has development potential, what is the market size for this new product (or service)?

Whether it’s an invention, an idea or a prototype, all ideas have to be tested to ensure their viability in the market – but must also meet (or exceed) the expectations of future consumers.

How? Through research of course!

Your context

Whether you are an entrepreneur and want to test an innovative idea, or a manager in a company wanting to test a new concept discovered in the R&D lab, we are here to help you to properly position your idea on the market.

With the enthusiasm of creating something new, comes the responsibility of launching the best product, starting right from the concept phase.

In order to achieve this, you need a trusted source to supply you with information about:

  • How can I safely test my idea or concept?
  • Can I get advice to refine my idea?
  • Can I test multiple concepts?
  • Who is the audience for my new product?
  • How quickly can I test the idea I have?
  • What is the sales forecast for my new product?
  • How can I position it, compared to the alternatives that are currently on the market?
  • What is the size of the market where you operate?

Our approach to innovation research

We are aware that time is of the essence when developing a new concept, and we understand the need to know, as soon as possible, whether a concept deserves to be taken to market.

We have the ability to run surveys on any consumer profile, in just a few days within our own consumer panel (grab our panel book).

We test multiple concepts and enter in-depth research of winning concepts, adapting the test series to the previous wave results.

We ensure that no precious moment is lost, and that you are still receiving the most relevant market information which your business can rely on, to develop the winning concept.

The results of an innovation and forecasting study

Running an innovation and forecasting study involves a lot of agility and close collaboration between our teams, giving you real-time information on how to improve your concept.

Our team will also intervene as many times as needed to modify research parameters, refining results until we get the best version of the concept.

  • From idea to product. We will refine the research in several waves until we reach the best possible version of your concept.
  • Generate ideas. The tested idea will be improved using the wisdom of the crowd, transforming itself into a superior concept.
  • Winning concept. You will receive final details of a concept ready to be released, with a winning combination of qualities.
  • Consumers. We will define the personas of the audience you will be addressing, depending on respondent profiles participating in the research waves.
  • Sales Forecast. A sales estimation of the new product in the first 36 months of launch, based on the analysis of the existing market through the expertise of MKOR consultants.
  • Competition. Even if you have an innovative product, chances are great to be replaced with existing alternatives. We tell you what these are.
  • Launch strategy. How do you launch your product on the market? Do you need to educate your audience on its benefits, or does it cover an already well-recognized need?
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We treat each client project as if it were our own.

At MKOR, we are committed to achieving measurable results, in time and within the agreed budget. Innovate with the help of our team!

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Case studies on innovation research

Within our client portfolio, you will find information on our latest innovation and forecasting studies.

MKOR's forecasting & innovation analysis have a real impact on customers

At MKOR, we have achieved an impressive variety of innovative, new market analysis that have led to new businesses, or indeed a change in planning, for businesses that needed change to be profitable. The unseen opportunities have led to a healthy and evidence-based development for those who have approached our services.

For more details on the projects we have worked on, we invite you to browse our portfolio; a case study is even provided for each research project.

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