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Harness consumer data and adapt your business strategy based on actionable insights

Discover who your consumers are and what they want. We help you transform insights into actionable results.

Understand the market in which you operate

Identify the needs and attitudes of consumers regarding certain categories of products or services.


See consumption behaviors

Discover how the product or service you offer is used by consumers in their daily lives.

Access new opportunities

You identify unmet consumer needs that translate into growth opportunities.

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Usage and Attitude Research (U&A) – Consumption habits, straight from your target persona

Understand your consumers, find out what their needs are and what are the factors that influence their purchase decision, as well as who are your competitors. Here’s how we help you!

What do you gain by doing a research into Usage and Attitudes (U&A)?

Gain an in-depth understanding of consumers

A study of usage and attitudes (U&A) helps you to identify the needs and attitudes of consumers regarding certain categories of products or services. You can learn about the categories and brands known, used and even preferred by consumers.

You define the profile of the ideal consumer (consumer persona)

You understand who your ideal consumer is, what their needs and challenges are, and what their preferred communication channels are. This is how you build an effective communication strategy.

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What questions does a Research into Usage and Attitudes (U&A) answer?

Gain insights into consumer behaviors

  • Who buys what?
  • Where do they buy from?
  • How often do they shop?
  • What are the contexts of use / purchase?
  • How do I make the purchase decision?

Do you understand the consumers in the market: how do they make decisions?

  • What makes them choose a particular product / service?
  • What stops them from choosing a particular product / service?
  • What do consumers think about the brand & competitors?
  • What preferences do they have?
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When do you conduct a Usage & Attitudes (U&A) Study?

Evergreen Research into Behavior and Attitudes

The U&A study aims to help you get an overview of the market of interest. They can be done once, recurrently or continuously.

Recommendation of MKOR experts

The recommendation of MKOR experts is to opt for conducting U&A Studies on a recurring basis to understand changes in the way consumers think and behave, even as they occur.

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Methodologies used for Usage and Attitude Research (U&A)


Focus Group

In-Depth Interview

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What do you get in a Usage and Attitudes Research (U&A)?

Concrete results and strategic recommendations. You have access to all project deliverables:

Research report

Dashboard interactiv

Topline report

Raw database

Survey script

Activity reports


Don't have time to wait? See what data about consumption habits you can access instantly

We help you research data for informed business decisions

We set the goals together

We understand what your company's needs are and together we establish the research objectives. Based on them, we choose the study research methodology.

We get data directly from the source

MKOR experts jump into action and collect the most relevant data. Regardless your company's niche, you will learn what the needs and attitudes of consumers are.

You get actionable recommendations

We take responsibility for the results of our research and guarantee their validity. Our reports are interactive, easy to understand and provide insights for business growth.


We have been doing research for 11+ years

We are experts in market research, dedicated to a common goal: to provide relevant data for those who choose us as partners. It motivates us:

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Continuous growth

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