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1. Fill in the form

Answer a few simple questions about your company and project (goals, target audience, targeted market).

2. Send the form

Click the finish button. The entire process has a friendly approach, therefore sending your information take a few moments.

3. Receive your quotation

You will be contacted in no time to confirm your project details. Afterwards, you will receive a detailed offer that includes research design, delivery deadlines and research prices.

4. We get to work

We answer all of your questions and bring all the clarifications you need. After agreeing on all the terms, MKOR team goes into action.

You have questions? We have answers :-)

We have compiled a FAQ list about the way we work. Browse them, you might find the answer to your question.

Our form is designed with a friendly flow, like a conversation. The time spent filling it depends on the complexity of the project and on how well you know your expectations, but our estimates are between 5 to 10 minutes.

In order to offer you a consistent pricing quote with your expectations, we ask the specifics of your project, the target audience of your company, objectives, what are you looking to find out and if there is any established deadline. If any of these details is missing you, do not worry, tell us what you need and we will design an offer suited to your needs.

The time spent on a research project depends on its complexity and objectives. For each offer that we draft, we also commit to a deadline of delivery, which is set according to project complexity and team’s work availability. However, on average a project takes up to a month to be delivered, after signing the contract.

After conducting a project, all the emerged documents will be sent to you. For example, you will receive the design of the questionnaire, the raw database with respondents’ answers, audio / video recordings of the focus groups or interviews and, of course, the most important part: the research report with conclusions and recommendations.
* According to the law, the database will be anonymized, meaning that individual responses will have no identification associated. You can however receive personal data, when respondents offer explicit consent that their contact details might be used (this applies when you’re doing followup research, or when doing special marketing campaign for the respondents).

Confidentiality is guaranteed in the services contract by the clause of non disclosure agreement or NDA. Moreover, each team member or collaborator is binded to protect information from unwanted disclosure or misuse by adhering to the NDA.

Once we have agreed together over the research design, we are ready to start! You will be constantly updated by the manager in charge of your project and you will know the status of your project at any given time.

Once with the results of the research, we will be able to draw conclusions and recommendations regarding the steps that you should take for your business to have a sustainable growth. The study will bring clarification on how to accomplish your objectives and offers answers to questions that you may have not even considered before.

The form covers all the services that we currently offer so that all of your questions can find their answer. Browse the services here:

  • Local and sector market studies and analysis
  • Evaluating a new market
  • Innovation and forecasting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Mystery shopping B2B
  • Brand notoriety
  • Satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Concept testing and rebranding
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital consumer
  • Building communities
  • Consumer profile
  • Consumer experience
  • Mystery shopping
  • Satisfaction studies
  • Ad concept testing
  • Validating business idea
  • Product testing
  • Packaging testing
  • Focus groups
  • Labor market studies
  • Employer brand notoriety
  • Employer brand strategy
  • Satisfaction and loyalty of employees

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