In recent years, the trend of digitalization in the business environment has increased, both from the desire to optimize business and as a result of the pandemic context.

In this regard, Beck et. al wanted to deeply understand the need of digitization in the Romanian market and also determine the level of maturity of existing initiatives.

The partnership with MKOR for the study of this market focused on establishing the current stage of digitization initiatives among Romanian companies. The research also identified the main challenges encountered in the work carried out, as well as the digital solutions used to address these challenges.

Find out more about the results of the Digitalization in Romanian Companies Study.

The current state of digitalization in Romanian companies

To understand a complex process such as digitalization, we chose to conduct qualitative primary research. Specifically, we talked to experts directly involved in digital optimization initiatives, from medium and large companies (IT, Manager, CFO, CEO, Digitization Manager).

The data collected helped to establish the main challenges that Romanian companies face in the digitalization process, the way employees perceive these changes, the financial implications of this process, but also the main areas of business development in which company decision makers want the implementation of digitized structures.

The results of the qualitative analysis show that digitization is a long-term process that requires constant investment. Depending on the profile and needs of a company, investments can start at 2,000 euros and can reach up to 10 million euros to implement the process, but also to ensure its continuity.

beck et al market research report

Digitalization Market Research Objectives

In order to understand the status quo in the market, the following objectives were pursued:

  • Companies’ perception of digitalization
  • Digitalization needs and their coverage
  • The current way of working on digital initiatives
  • Top of mind suppliers and prompt brand awareness
  • How to collaborate with current digital solution providers

About the Research

The research took into account the players from the Romanian market in fields of activity such as FMCG, retail, pharmacy, production, transport & logistics, automotive, financial (banking, financial services), professional services.

  • Type of research: qualitative, conducted through structured interviews conducted online
  • Sample: 12 decision-makers on digital optimization initiatives (IT Manager, Digitization Manager, CFO, CEO) from large and medium-sized companies in Romania

About Beck et al.

Beck et al. is a project-oriented company offering complete IT services internationally, with locations in Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Brazil, and Singapore. The company has been present globally since 1989, entering the Romanian market in 2005 as well. Since 2021 it is part of the new Skaylink group.

Beck et al. is a reliable partner for its customers, providing consulting, implementation, and support services in the process of accelerating the digital transformation.

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