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Assess and enhance your company's market presence with our Employer Branding Studies. Position as a top employer with strategic HR insights.

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Discover what employees and candidates think about your organization. We help you evaluate the reputation and attractiveness of your employer brand.

Employer Brand Image

Grasp how your organization is perceived by employees and candidates alike – from top-of-mind awareness and aided recall to loyalty, brand attributes and associations, share of voice, expectations, preferences, and beyond.

Brand Differentiators

Identify the unique factors that set your company apart and make it appealing to employees and candidates: organizational culture, developmental opportunities, workplace flexibility, social involvement, and more.

Growth Opportunities

Unearth key insights for developing effective retention strategies for key employees and attracting top-tier talent. Learn how to boost your reputation as an employer.

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Research for Assessing Employer Brand Awareness – Straight from the Source

Pinpoint your positioning in the minds of employees and candidates, understanding their expectations, motivations, and preferences. Uncover the strengths of your employer brand as well as areas for improvement.

How Does Employer Brand Reputation Research Help You?

Understand Employee and Candidate Perceptions

Employer brand reputation research provides you with essential insights into the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of employees and candidates. Discover the level of recognition and attractiveness your organization has among candidates. Moreover, you can see how your employer brand stacks up against the perceptions of competitors in the eyes of your candidates.

Through an employer branding study, you can gauge the satisfaction of current employees. Furthermore, the research can assist in identifying the values and organizational culture from the employees' perspective."

See How You Can Increase Attractiveness and Loyalty

Monitoring your employer brand image helps in pinpointing vulnerabilities, as well as opportunities as they arise. This enables you to make informed decisions that improve the long-term performance of your brand.

This includes increasing reputation, enhancing loyalty, engaging employees, and reducing recruitment and retention costs.

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What questions does an Employer Brand Awareness Study answer?

Gain Insights on Employer Brand Perception

  • How well-known and appealing is the employer brand to your target audience?
  • What attributes or characteristics are associated with the employer brand?
  • How satisfied and loyal are the company's employees (eNPS)?
  • What expectations do employees and candidates have of the company as an employer?
  • What are the primary reasons candidates choose or do not choose the company as a top employer?
  • Who are the direct competitors of the employer brand and how do they compare in terms of awareness and perception?
  • What are the strengths and vulnerabilities of the employer brand image from the target audience's perspective?
  • What marketing or human resource initiatives could be implemented to improve the employer brand image?
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When do you conduct Employer Brand Assessment?

Regularly, to Keep Insights Current

An employer branding study is typically conducted regularly to ensure an up-to-date image of the company's positioning in the job market. Planning should consider recruitment needs and talent retention.

Research assessing the reputation of the employer brand aims to help you gauge how attractive the company is to employees and candidates. These can be carried out periodically or continuously (evergreen).

The recommendation of MKOR experts

MKOR experts suggest opting for continuous evaluation of brand notoriety, especially when it comes to monitoring employee perception. You could set up an automated feedback collection funnel for employee insights. If you wish to learn more, send us a message!

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The methodologies used for Employer Branding Research and Evaluation

In-depth Interview

Semiotic Research

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What Do You Receive in an Employer Brand Reputation Project?

Concrete results and strategic recommendations. You have access to all project deliverables.

Research report

Interactive dashboard

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


We Help You Acquire Data on Your Company's Reputation as an Employer, Compared with the Key Players in the Market for Informed Business Decisions

Setting Research Objectives Together

We understand the context of your company and establish research objectives collaboratively. We select the most relevant indicators for assessing the notoriety of your employer brand.

We obtain data directly from the source

The MKOR experts take action and gather the most relevant data from primary sources (quantitative and qualitative research, B2C and B2B) as well as secondary sources (desk research).

You Receive Actionable Recommendations

We take responsibility for the results of our studies and guarantee their validity. Our reports are interactive, easy to understand, and provide insights for business growth.


We have been doing Employer Branding research for over a Decade

We are experts in market research for evaluating employer brand awareness, dedicated to a common purpose: providing relevant data for those who choose us as partners. We are motivated by:

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