Consumer Profiling Research for Data Driven Growth

MKOR can provide strategic data about the socio-demographic profile of your consumers as well as business competitors

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Discover the Consumer Profile for Your Market Sector. We Transform Data into Actionable Results.

Demographic Profiling

Uncover the vital demographic segments for your niche: age, gender, education, income, family life, and more. Know your audience intimately to tailor your approach with precision.

Purchasing Behavior

Unearth the buying behaviors that drive your market: purchasing frequency and budget, preferred channels, and the motivations behind every decision.

New Opportunities

Identify the attitudes and preferences shaping buyer behavior: brand perception, values, personality traits, tastes, and preferences. Turn insights into strategy, and opportunities into victories.

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Consumer Profiling Studies – Buyer Persona, straight from the source

Better understand who your customers are, what their buyer persona is, find out their needs, and the factors that influence their purchasing decision, as well as the consumer profile of competitors. That’s how we can help you!

What is a Consumer Profiling Research?

Gain a deep understanding of your target profile

A consumer profiling study helps you segment your audience into groups with similar characteristics. This ensures that the marketing and sales strategy is tailored to the requirements, demographic profile, needs, and lifestyle of consumers.

Consumer profiling through research means understanding the needs, behaviors, and preferences of consumers in order to create value through personalized products and services. Knowing the target profile leads to better segmentation and strategic allocation of acquisition resources.

Speak the language of each consumer segment

Learn relevant details about who your customers are and how those targeted by your products and services think. We assist you in defining consumer personas that tell a story that resonates with them.

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What questions does a Consumer Profiling Research answer?

Gain insights into consumer segments

  • What are the consumer segments for the company's products or services?
  • What are their needs, desires, behaviors, and motivations regarding purchases?
  • What actions can the company take to attract and retain them?
  • What are the preferred brands of your consumers and competitors?
  • What are the potential segments to become your customers?
  • What are their purchasing channels?

Understand buyers in the target market: how they make decisions?

  • What determines their choice of a particular product/service?
  • What prevents them from choosing a particular product/service?
  • What do consumers think about the brand & competitors?
  • What preferences do they have?
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When should you Research Consumer Profiles?

Profiling Research frequency

Consumer profiling studies aim to help you get an overview of the segments of interest for your business. These can be conducted on a one-time basis, periodically, or continuously (evergreen).

The recommendation from MKOR experts

The recommendation from MKOR experts is to continuously profile customers to understand the evolution of psycho-demographic segments even as it occurs.

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Methodologies used for Profiling and Segmentation Studies


Focus Group


In-depth Interview

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What do you receive as part of a Consumer Profiling Study?

Concrete results and strategic recommendations. You have access to all project deliverables:

Research report

Interactive dashboard

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


Don't have time to wait? See what profiling data you can access instantly.

We help you obtain profiling data about both your customers and competitors for informed business decisions.

We establish the objectives together.

We understand your company's needs and together we establish the research objectives. Based on these, we choose the profiling research methodology.

We obtain data directly from the source.

MKOR experts take action and gather the most relevant data. Regardless of the company's field, you will learn about the profile and attitudes of consumers.

You receive actionable recommendations.

We take responsibility for the results of our studies and guarantee their validity. Our reports are interactive, easy to understand, and provide insights for business growth.


We have been conducting research for over 10 years.

We are experts in market research for profiling, dedicated to a common purpose: providing relevant data for those who choose us as partners. We are motivated by:

Challenges of clients

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