The MKOR Researcher Collection

Free Resource: Our Panel Book, a Guide to Honest Market Research with MKOR in 2022


Get to know us better, download our panel book. Provable market research by MKOR.

The challenge? You’re looking for the best research panel provider out there.panel-book-content

Most companies don’t know what is going on when they hire a sample provider. We want you to be informed.

What if you could pick a sample provider that offers proof, stellar respondent experience and data quality? (We’ve got your back. And we want you to see for yourself in our Panel Book.)

If you need data on your target niche, consumer intelligence data, B2B market research or other strategic business insights then we are here to help.

This panel book will provide you data on:

  • The number of possible panelists per country.
  • The average response rate of every MKOR panel.
  • Panel segmentation by age, gender, education status and geographic information.

Quality, speed, correct information – it’s all here. Go #global, we can do it for your company. Let’s get to work. 🙂