MKOR Consulting did a opportunity study in order to identify the perfect location for opening a new furniture factory in Romania.

Vida XL singed with us for the second time, for their strategic project.

They took the first step when we they contacted us for a market research about the opportunity of launching a contact centre in Romania.

For the second step — expanding the company — they contacted MKOR as well, being happy with the results of our previous research.

coperta studiu analiza fabrica
Research cover

Market research for the ideal location

The study MKOR Consulting realised, helped Vida XL with relevant information in order to identify the ideal location to open a new working point that will serve as their main hub for their entire Europe operations.

In our research, we took in consideration a series of relevant factors for this business type, analysing data from secondary sources for each of them.

maps of timber plants in romania
Sample from the full report

Identifying opportunities

Our market research, offered a complex and complete perspective, with an extended analysis of the market, as well as a risk factors and opportunities analysis.

Among used instruments, we created an interactive map to illustrate the areas with potential for a new Vida XL location – a furniture factory.

raw material supplies in romania sample
Sample from the research report

Vida XL is an international online store chain, targeting families (sport items, home and garden).

Target market

  • Romania
  • Europe


  • desk research
  • Database compilation from INSSE
  • Compilation from online available information (recruiting sites, ANOFM)
  • Interpreting information and drawing conclusion and recommendation


Vida XL testimonial

The final report was done according to our established terms and requirements. The conclusions and recommendation emphasised the main market opportunities, and helped us continue strategic development for opening the new Vida XL furniture factory in Romania.

Corina Nicolau — Office Manager