Your context

Your organization is entering a new market and you want to make sure it is up to the challenge.

Our approach

We analyze supply and demand, as well as trends and legislation, outlining the dynamics of the new market you are targeting.

We deliver results

You receive information that will help define your positioning strategy in the new market as well as the sales forecast.

Is the new market you are targeting a real opportunity?

Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting your own business, or a manager of a growing company looking to expand into new markets, you need to be able to answer this question quickly and correctly.

Why correct?

Because the ability to estimate the potential of a market or market opportunity is essential for a business leader that has to make important decisions. Evaluating a new market is important for a variety of business decisions, from prioritizing target market segments, to the launch strategy.

By collecting and analysing accurate data, you can significantly improve your business strategy and decisions.

We define opportunity research as a tool to identify and access the attractiveness of a business opportunity. It is a part of the business planning or strategy processes wherein before undertaking a new product or service, we analyze the market for it to determine probable profit and revenue from it. One of the most important factors considered and analyzed in market opportunity analysis is the forecasted demand for the product or the service. (MBASkool)

Your context

Your organization is planning to enter a new market and you need to make sure you are making the right decisions.

An in-depth analysis of a new market will confirm whether this is a viable opportunity or if there are challenges that you need to address before proceeding with the launch. First and foremost, you need information about the size and value of that market.

An evaluation of new market opportunities will also answer many other questions:

  • Is there a place in the market for my business?
  • What market share can my business capture?
  • Is there a niche in the market for what we offer?
  • How difficult is it to acquire new customers?
  • What are the client’s requirements in this new context?
  • Which communication channels we should adopt?
  • What is price resistance and what is the highest average price that a buyer would be willing to spend?
  • Who are our competitors in this new market and how do we differentiate from them?

Our approach to opportunity research

If you are planning on taking steps to identify opportunities in a new market, consider our expertise at MKOR – Market Opportunity Research. Our team has extensive experience in such studies (hence our name!), in extremely diverse industries and markets.

In order to achieve the research objectives, we are particularly focused on specific areas such as demand and supply analysis (consumers and competitors), saturation, complementary products and services, but also trends and legislation outlining market dynamics – which can affect your business performance.

Opportunity analysis – results from the targeted market

After running each opportunity study, you will receive concrete information that will help you define your positioning strategy on the targeted market as well as a sales forecast.

Below is a list of opportunity analysis that you can expect our MKOR consultants:

  • Market size. Information about the size of the potential market and possible competitors.
  • Demand forecasting. Estimations on what market share your company can access, based on the market share of existing players. An opportunity analysis will not be complete unless, and until, you forecast the probable demand for the product / service. You can’t invest in a product for which you don’t know the ROI (return on investment).
  • Trends. Precise information about the trends shaping the future of your targeted market. .
  • Consumers. A clear understanding of your targeted consumers as well as information on their needs and requirements.
  • Prices. An in-depth insight into consumer price tolerance and the maximum average price you can ask for.
  • Impact of legislation. A complete understanding of the current legislation, which could influence your business.
  • Competition. Who are the players on the target market and what barriers are foreseeable when entering the new market?
  • Differentiation. What are your strengths and how can your business use them to differentiate itself from the competition?
market research report

We treat each research analysis as if it were our own.

At MKOR, we are committed to achieving measurable results, in time and within the agreed budget. Conquer new markets with the help of our team!

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Case studies on opportunity research

Within our client portfolio, you will find information on our latest business opportunity analysis.

Our research has a real impact on MKOR customers

At MKOR, we have achieved an impressive variety of innovative, new market analysis that have led to new businesses, or indeed a change in planning, for businesses that needed change to be profitable. The unseen opportunities have led to a healthy and evidence-based development for those who have approached our services.

For more details on the projects we have worked on, we invite you to browse our portfolio; a case study is even provided for each research project.

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