The collaboration between MKOR Consulting and IULIUS started in 2019, and since then we have been their proud research partners. It all started after we demonstrated how we can collect and deliver a representative sample in just 2-3 days 😊

A few months later, we’ve received a new invitation to participate in a bidding contest, this time for a much more complex consumer study. At the end of the pitch process, MKOR was recommended and accepted as a research partner.

Shopping Malls in Romania Research

The project was carried out online, on representative samples for several large cities in Romania, respectively their surrounding areas.

In order to validate the transparent data collection, Iulius Mall’s team requested to be able to contact the respondents by phone, in order to validate their participation in the study.

We immediately included in the questionnaire the option for each respondent to be able to choose whether his data should be transmitted to the client or not. We care about the client’s wishes, but also to protect our romanian research panel. So we choose to be transparent without leaking any private information.

We created a custom B.I. Dashboard, which was made available to the project team. Using it, the client could check in real time KPIs related to the data collection (valid and invalid respondents, average length of the questionnaire, division of the sample by quotas, etc.).

Have you ever seen what an MKOR collection dashboard looks like? Here’s a preview 🙂

data collection dashboard for shopping malls

Research Objectives

For the quantitative study carried out on the local markets of interest to the retailer, MKOR and Iulius agreed on the following main objectives:

  • Analysis of consumption habits;
  • Identify the factors that influence the preference for a shopping mall;
  • Investigate the opportunities and needs present in the market.

About the Research

In order to obtain information relevant to the research objectives, MKOR Consulting proposed a quantitative approach, through online opinion polls, conducted with the help of MKOR’s own Panel.

  • Target market: Romania
  • Research method used: Online opinion poll (CAWI)

About IULIUS Group

IULIUS Group boasts over 20 years of real estate experience and is present in four major cities in Romania: Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara and Suceava. IULIUS Group is the developer of the first mall outside the capital, inaugurated in 2000 in Iasi.

The group’s projects are based on sustainable concepts, which go beyond their functional role by harmonizing real estate industry with the perceived identity of the communities in which they are developed.

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