Evaluation and Research of Business Ideas

Discover the potential of your business idea with the help of a professional market research from MKOR

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Optimize your business at the beginning of the journey with a market potential evaluation research. We help you identify the target audience and market trends.

Market potential

Uncover relevant information about the target market, such as strengths and weaknesses in the buying experience, differentiators, brand attitude, and competition.

Consumer habits

Discover consumer habits: what products or services they use, reasons and barriers for usage, how frequently they use them, preferred locations, etc.

Target segments

Identify Consumer Attitudes and Preferences: Attitude Towards the Brand, Values, Personality, Tastes, and Preferences, etc

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Research for Business Idea Evaluation – Straight from the Source

Gain access to valuable information about the target market and consumer habits, segmentation based on demographic and behavioral criteria, detailed analysis of competitors and their positioning, as well as emerging trends and opportunities.

How does a Business Evaluation Research help you?

You gain a good understanding of the target market right from the start.

A business idea evaluation study helps you identify issues or needs within the target market that could be obstacles to launching a new product or service.

Through this study, data can be collected about consumer behavior, their feedback, perception of the company's brand, market segmentation, and much more, which can be used to develop a successful launch strategy and achieve a competitive position in the market.

You obtain valuable information about customer expectations.

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your new brand in relation to competitors and develop marketing strategies that align with customer expectations. Personalize their experience and offer them the products and services they need.

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What questions does a Business Idea Evaluation Study answer?

You gain insights into the market you're entering.

  • How large is the market for my product/service?
  • What is the profile of potential customers?
  • What needs do potential customers have and how can they be addressed by my product/service?
  • What competitors exist in the market and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can I differentiate my product/service from the competition?
  • What price would be appropriate for my product/service?
  • What distribution and promotion channels would be most effective in reaching customers?
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When should you Research and Evaluate your Business?

Right from the start.

A business idea validation study is typically conducted in the initial stage of the business idea, before investing significant time and resources into its development. The purpose is to assess whether the business idea is viable and feasible from both an economic and market perspective.

The recommendation of MKOR experts

The recommendation from MKOR experts is to opt for annual market monitoring. Once you've launched your business, an annual Usage and Attitude (U&A) study helps you stay up to date with consumer habits and competitor positioning.

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Research Methodologies used in Business Idea Evaluation Studies

Desk research

Online Communities

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What do you receive as part of a Profiling Study?

Concrete results and strategic recommendations. You have access to all project deliverables:

Research report

Interactive dashboard

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


Don't have time to wait? See what consumer data you can access instantly.

We help uncover relevant market and consumer data for informed business decisions. That' how we work.

We establish the objectives together.

We understand the context of your business and establish research objectives together. Based on these, we choose the methodology of the market study.

We obtain data directly from the source.

MKOR experts collect and analyze data from both secondary sources (desk research) and primary sources (quantitative and qualitative research, both B2C and B2B).

You receive actionable recommendations.

We take responsibility for the results of our studies and guarantee their validity. Our reports are comprehensive and provide actionable insights for positioning your business.


We have been conducting research for over 10 years.

We are experts in business potential assessment studies, dedicated to a common goal: to provide relevant data for those who choose us as partners. Here's what motivates us:

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