Consumer Experience Research Professionals

Evaluate your customers experience, satisfaction levels, brand loyalty, and develop actionable improvement strategies to enhance your business's success.

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Evaluate consumer experience and measure satisfaction at every touchpoint. We help you turn collected data into a superior experience for your customers.

Consumer experience

You identify relevant information for your niche: strengths and weaknesses in the buying experience, differentiators, brand and competition attitudes, etc.

Consumer preferences

You discover consumer preferences: what products or services they prefer, consumption contexts, frequency of use, preferred locations for purchase, etc.

New opportunities

By exploring the attitudes and preferences of buyers, you identify new opportunities to develop your brand for a personalized experience.

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Research for Evaluating Consumer Experience

Better understand the issues your customers or competitors strategies, learn about their needs, and the factors influencing their purchasing decisions, as well as what you can do to improve their experience. That’s how we can help!

Unlocking Brand Potential Through Consumer Experience Insights

Gain a deep understanding of the experience your brand provides.

Consumer Experience Evaluation Research (CX) is a research method used to assess customers' experience and satisfaction with a product or service. The purpose of CXER is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience, as well as to identify ways to improve it.

CX is important because a positive customer experience can contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, while a negative experience can lead to customer loss and damage to the company's reputation. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience, companies can develop strategies to improve the experience, thereby improving performance and maintaining loyal customers.

Personalization is Key

Armed with CXR insights, tailor your offerings to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customers. Personalization isn't just about addressing them by name; it's about shaping the shopping experience to fit their individual journey, driving satisfaction and repeat business.

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Decodes the Customer Journey: Uncovering the Heart of Consumer Decision-Making

You obtain insights about the purchasing experience.

  • How is my brand perceived by customers?
  • What are the issues they encounter when making a purchase?
  • What are their needs, desires, behaviors, and motivations regarding the purchase?
  • What feedback do customers have about their experience?
  • What actions can the company take to attract and retain them?
  • What are the preferred brands of my customers and my competitors?
  • What matters when they purchase products or services?

You understand the feedback of buyers from the target market: how do they make decisions?

  • What weaknesses and strengths does the brand offer in the purchasing experience?
  • What influences them to choose a particular product/service?
  • What prevents them from choosing a particular product/service?
  • What do consumers think about the brand & competitors?
  • What preferences do they have?
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Optimal Timing for Customer Experience Research: A Strategic Approach

Anytime, from launching the business and when making any major change

Consumer experience evaluation can be conducted at any time, depending on the needs and objectives of the company. Generally, consumer experience evaluation research is conducted in the following situations: after the launch of a product or service, after a period of time, or after major changes.

Research that evaluates the buying experience aims to help you get an overview of how people perceive your business. These evaluations can be conducted on an ad-hoc basis, periodically, or continuously (evergreen).

MKOR experts' recommendation

Our experts at MKOR champion continuous engagement with your audience. Establishing an ongoing dialogue through online communities or feedback channels keeps your finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment, ensuring your CX strategies are always in sync with customer needs and expectations.

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MKOR’s Tailored CX Methodologies: Capturing the Consumers’ Voice

Delve deep into customer sentiments with MKOR’s array of CX research methodologies. From succinct microsurveys to comprehensive ethnographic studies, we extract nuanced consumer perspectives to steer your strategies.


In-depth Interview

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Unlock the Full Spectrum of Customer Insights: Your Comprehensive CX Research Toolkit

At MKOR, we believe that understanding every facet of the customer journey is vital to the success of your business. That's why, with our Customer Experience (CX) Research, we equip you with a robust suite of deliverables designed to turn insights into action. Each project culminates in a treasure trove of valuable assets, meticulously curated to provide a 360-degree view of your customers' experiences:

Research report

Interactive dashboard

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


Don't have time to wait? See what consumer experience data you can access instantly.

We help you obtain data on both your customers' and competitors' experiences for informed business decisions.

We establish the objectives together

At MKOR, we don't just gather data – we forge a partnership to define your goals. By comprehending the unique narrative of your business, we co-create research objectives that matter. Our methodology isn't just robust; it's a tailored approach to decode both your customers' and competitors' experiences, giving you the dual advantage.

We obtain data directly from the source

Our specialists dive deep to fetch data, ensuring that every piece of information is relevant and illuminating. No matter your industry, we bring customer experiences to the forefront, providing you with the knowledge to stand out in the marketplace.

You receive actionable recommendations

We take pride in the actionable outcomes of our research. Our deliverables go beyond mere data—they are interactive narratives that not only validate our commitment to quality but also serve as your strategic compass for sustained growth and competitive edge.


Decade-Long Dedication to Transformative Market Research

A decade in the field, MKOR stands as a paragon in market research, with a laser focus on evaluating experiences. Our dedication is unwavering—to deliver data that empowers, to partners who believe in our expertise. What propels us forward:

Challenges of clients

Actionable results

Meaningful projects



Continuous development

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Years of experience in consumer experience research


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