MKOR collaborated with an international pharmaceutical company for a study aimed at testing the advertising concept for the launch of a new medicine on the local market.

The research focused on medical specialists, in order to determine which of the proposed advertising concepts performs best and why.

The new medicine is estimated to enter the local pharma market in mid 2022.

Testing the Ads among Physicians

Report Preview Ad Testing for a New Medicine Launch

The study was conducted online, with healthcare specialists from both the private and public sector, most of them having over 200 patients under their care annually.

Within the online interviews, we tested how doctors responded to different stimuli:

  • 10 marketing messages (some followed by medical messages);
  • 5 slogans;
  • 3 visual concepts.

Throughout the ad testing process, the name of the manufacturing company was not disclosed to the respondents, in order to ensure the objectivity of the feedback collected.

The analysis of the insights provided by physicians allowed us to identify the most appealing messages, considering the highly competitive landscape in the pharma products market.

Apart from the preferences of the respondents, we also accounted for concept credibility, relevance for the treatment and motivation to prescribe the medicine.

The suggestions of the interviewed specialists informed a series of recommendations to optimize the proposed copy.

Research Objectives

The main objectives of the qualitative study were:

  • Testing copy performance;
  • Identifying messages that differentiate;
  • Testing visual concepts;
  • Identifying improvement options.

About this Research Project

We used in-depth interviews with healthcare professionals, in order to obtain detailed information on the receptivity of our target audience to the proposed visual and written concepts.

  • Target market: Romania
  • Qualitative research: online in-depth interviews with physicians

About the Client

Our client is one of the world’s leaders in the pharma market, with a focus on developing medical innovations in such areas as: oncology, infectious diseases, cardiometabolic diseases and vaccines. 

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