The 2020 lock-down has been a major trigger in raising awareness of the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Whether we are talking about nutrition, emotional health or physical activity, people have increasingly turned to devices and applications to help them monitor these issues.

In this context, FITBIT mandated MKOR to deepen the habits and preferences of users of wearable devices in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition, our research also looked at how the pandemic has affected people’s lifestyles in general.

Habits and attitudes of wearable devices users

This study aims to analyze the main habits and preferences of wearables users. Based on the data collected from the respondents, we outlined personas for the users of such devices. Moreover, the profiling of the main promoters and detractors revealed valuable information for adapting our client’s business strategy.

In parallel, we wanted to measure the impact of the pandemic on mental and physical health. Thus, we used the online opinion poll (CAWI), conducted with the help of our own Consumer Panel, as a data collection tool.

Our results confirm that 9 out of 10 Romanians were affected by the pandemic. However, 49% say they have paid more attention to their health during the pandemic compared to before, while 45% say things have not changed.

Research Objectives

To help provide a detailed picture of the market some research objectives were pursued:

  • Portable device users behavior
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Brand tracker
  • User profiling
  • COVID-19 impact & stress management

About the Research

Usage and attitudes studies are performed by collecting data directly from the source, so in this case, we chose quantitative primary research using our respondents panel.

  • Target market: the portable devices market
  • Research type: quantitative research
  • Research tools: online opinion poll (CAWI), conducted using the MKOR Panel
  • Sample: national, representative based on gender, age and geographical distribution

About Fitbit

Fitbit is an American consumer electronics and fitness company that produces wearable technologies with applicability in the field of fitness (smartwatches).

In 2017 Fitbit opened in Bucharest the largest research and development office in Europe.

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