A new concept of beauty salon has benefited from the expertise of MKOR research specialists. Within the opportunity research study we studied the beauty salon market in Bucharest.


The study’s objectives were identifying optimal locations for launching a new beauty salon concept in Bucharest, as well as identifying challenges and opportunities specific to the beauty market.

Key players research (competitive analysis)competitive-analysis

The competition research took in consideration the prices offered by competing salons and the remuneration packages for beauty specialists.

The results showed different approaches for the luxury beauty salons and neighborhood ones, as well as ways of negotiating the salary package and other benefits.

Identifying potential clients

Among instruments used in research, we used an interactive map to illustrate the areas with potential for opening a new business in the beauty industry.

The map contained the geographic distribution of the competitive beauty salons and traffic-generating spaces for identifying the optimal location for opening the new beauty salon.

From challenges to opportunities

In the final research report we included the general conditions needed for opening the business: legislative details about the operating authorization and on space planning norms.

This way, we made sure that we covered all the vulnerable aspects, turning our recommendations into opportunities.

Target market

  • Bucharest, Romania


  • desk research



Thank you very much for the report and for the promptitude! The report is well written: professional, well structured and easy to follow through and contains all the information we needed in this phase. We collaborated very good together and this report will be really useful for us in the process of developing the business in general.

– Luciana Popescu — Entrepreneur

MKOR studies in the context of COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic impacts consumer behavior at unpredictable levels. In this context, MKOR consultants are constantly informed about the approaches recommended by the research community, in order to be able to include them in the predictions of consumer behavior.

MKOR also conducts its own research projects on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, both in the general population and in business. You can download them for free from the section dedicated to our studies.