Brand Awareness Research Services - Professional Brand Tracking

Measure and monitor your brand's image and develop a branding strategy that positions you atop consumer preferences

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Find out what consumers think about your brand. We help you constantly measure your brand's performance against your competition

Brand positioning

Understand how consumers perceive your own brand and that of competitors: top of mind, aided awareness, loyalty, brand attributes, mentions?

Brand differentiators

Discover the elements and characteristics that influence and build the value of your brand: quality, customer experience, price, innovation, etc.

Marketing campaigns impact

Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns on brand awareness: preferred channels, resonating messages with consumers, degree of campaign appreciation, visibility.

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Research into your Brand’s Awareness and Perception – Straight from the Source

Analyze how you position yourself in consumers’ minds, what are the strengths of your brand and areas for improvement. Continuously monitor consumer perception to better understand their needs and preferences.

How does Research into Brand Awareness help companies?

Gain a deep understanding of brand perception.

Brand reputation research brings you a wide range of valuable information about how a brand is perceived by its target audience. Find out the level of brand recognition among consumers, as well as the impressions or emotions associated with it.

Through a brand tracker study you monitor the level of satisfaction of those who have interacted with your brand. In addition, you can see how your brand compares to its competitors in the eyes of consumers, including on the basis of associated features and benefits.

You can see how to improve brand performance.

Constant monitoring of the brand image helps you identify vulnerabilities as well as opportunities as they arise.

This way, you can make prompt, informed decisions to improve long-term brand performance, focusing on: enhancing reputation and credibility, increasing customer loyalty, or boosting sales.

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What questions does Research into Brand Awareness answer?

Gain insights into your brands perception

  • How well-known is our own brand and that of competitors?
  • How well-liked is our own brand and that of competitors?
  • How frequently is our own brand and that of competitors purchased or used?
  • What attributes or characteristics are associated with our own brand and that of competitors?
  • How loyal are consumers to the brand (NPS)?
  • What is the impact of marketing campaigns (Share of Voice - SOV)?
  • Which channels do consumers prefer to interact with/find out news about the brand?
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When should you measure and research your Brand Awareness?

Constantly, for up to date insights

Monitoring the positioning of the brand in consumers' minds is a recurring research task. Additionally, when planning brand tracker studies, it is important to consider significant market changes, such as the entry of a new competitor or the launch of a disruptive product or service.

Research aimed at evaluating brand reputation is designed to provide an overview of how those who come into contact with your brand perceive it. These studies can be conducted periodically or continuously (evergreen).

Recommendation from MKOR experts

The recommendation from MKOR experts is to opt for continuous measurement of your brand awareness. You can choose to create an online community or set up an automated market research funnel to monitor key brand indicators. If you want to learn more, send us a message!

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Methodologies used for Brand Tracker Research (Brand Awareness Evaluation)

In-depth Interview

Semiotic research

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What do you receive when researching your Brand Awareness with MKOR?

Concrete results and strategic recommendations. You have access to all project deliverables:

Research report

Interactive dashboard

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


Don't have time to wait? See what brand performance data you can access instantly.

We help you gather and analyse data about the performance of your brand and competitors for informed business decisions

We establish the objectives together.

We understand your company's context and together we establish the research objectives. We select the most relevant indicators for evaluating brand awareness.

We obtain data directly from the source.

MKOR experts take action and gather the most relevant data from primary sources (quantitative and qualitative research, B2C and B2B).

You receive actionable recommendations.

We take responsibility for the results of our studies and guarantee their validity. Our reports are interactive, easy to understand, and provide insights for business growth.


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