In 2021, Darvari Garden wanted to launch its product on the premium FMCG market in Romania. To understand consumers’ perceptions of the products in the target market, the company used the expertise of MKOR Consulting.

The collaboration involved conducting a complex study with a mixed methodology (quantitative-qualitative). Thus, aspects such as purchasing and consumption habits were taken into account, as well as how consumers relate to different brands already existing in the market.

Moreover, MKOR has combined classic research with digital research and held for the first time remote tasting sessions for the product whose launch date is on the Romanian market in early 2022.

The results thus underpinned the product launch strategy for Darvari Garden, providing valuable data on consumers and competitors.

Testing a new product in the premium FMCG market

We first identified general consumption behaviors and consumer perceptions regarding olive oil through a quantitative study that targeted the general population.

The questionnaire also included open-ended questions, which allowed us to explore consumers’ perceptions of existing brands on the market, but also of the new Darvari Garden brand.

The qualitative analysis stage involved testing the branding concepts and the perception of the characteristics of the Darvari Garden product. In this sense, we conducted the first remote tasting sessions with the public, during which respondents were able to enjoy the whole experience offered by the Darvari Garden product.

olive oil fmcg market research

Research Objectives

During the research, the objectives were:

  • Exploring purchasing and consuming behaviors (quantitative analysis)
  • Benchmarking existing brands on the market (quantitative analysis)
  • Consumer profile of olive oil – general & top 3 competitors (quantitative analysis)
  • Darvari Garden concept testing (quantitative analysis):
  • Darvari Garden product testing (qualitative analysis):
    • Testing of Darvari Garden products by the target audience
    • Exploring the perception and attitudes towards the three defining aspects of the product (appearance, smell, taste), as well as towards the brand elements

About the Research

In order to capture the potential of the Romanian FMCG premium market regarding a new product launch, MKOR has developed a mixed methodology that involves combining quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Target:  Romania

Research tools:  quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Sample data: 

  • Quantitative analysis
    • Representative for the total population of Romania, by criteria of gender, age and geographical distribution (development regions)
    • Consumers of olive oil. Diverse people by gender, age and geographical distribution (development regions)
  • Qualitative analysis – consumers of olive oil, selected from the quantitative stage respondents, according to pre-established criteria
olive oil market research report
Preview of our Olives Market Report

About Darvari Garden

Darvari Garden is a brand under the umbrella of Darvari Group, a holding company that boasts decades of international experience. Darvari Garden was created in 2018 out of a desire to bring back to life the old family tradition of producing premium olive oil in an olive grove near the ruins of Troy.

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MKOR studies in the context of market uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to companies in all industries, but at the same time it has brought new opportunities. Consumer behavior has also undergone significant changes since the beginning of the pandemic, one of which is the accelerated transition to the online environment.

In this context, the need for data anchored in the current reality is deeper, whether about and from consumers or about competitors.

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