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2018 November



Digi24 TV: Journal of Economics (Romanian)


2018 October

2018 Iunie

2018 Martie


Realitatea TV: On the GDPR at Banii Vorbesc talk-show (Romanian)


Bizi LIVE: MKOR at BiziLive TV (Romanian)

2018 Februarie

2017 December

2017 November


Revista BIZ: The portrait of a leader (Romanian)

2017 October

2017 September

2017 August

2017 July


Săptămâna Financiară: The most saught after employers in Romania (Romanian)

2017 June


Televiziunea de Business Canal 33: How do you define success in Social Entrepreneurship (Romanian)

2017 May

2017 April


Izabela Mandoiu: The fashion market in Romania (Romanian)

2017 March

2017 February

2016 December

2016 November

2016 October

2016 September

2016 August


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