In the context of conducting an European study to test a new concept for Premium fuels in countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic, MOL Romania initiated the collaboration with MKOR Consulting.

The purpose of the collaboration was to test the new branding concept for MOL gas stations locally. Since the study conducted by MKOR validated the positive impact of the proposed concept on the Romanian market, it was finally adopted.

Brand Concept Testing in the Fuels Market

The research consisted in administering face-to-face questionnaires in 15 of the MOL locations in the country. The results of the study uncovered the link between the proposed concept and the different consumer profiles of the gas station chain. The analysis targeted different consumer segments in terms of gas consumption frequency or the monthly budget allocated to fuel.

Thus, the study showed that the new branding concept for a premium fuel was mainly appreciated by those in the target segment. The research results led to the endorsement of the new image in all gas stations in the country, as well as in other countries in the region.

Source: MOL Romania

The Research Objectives

In this research, we considered a set of objectives that enabled us to prospect the market and measure the attitude towards the new brand concept:

  • Perception of MOL gas stations;
  • Perception of brand descriptors;
  • Message testing;
  • Brand potential (Intention to use the brand).

About the Research

The research targeted the fuels market in Romania and aimed to assess the opinion of customers about the new type of fuel available in MOL gas stations, by administering face-to-face questionnaires to customers of the gas station chain.

About MOL Romania

MOL Romania is a subsidiary of the MOL Group and one of the most important oil & gas companies in Romania, with a presence of over 20 years in the domestic market. The company has an extensive portfolio of products and services, being specialized in the field of trading fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and bitumen. Currently it owns 218 gas stations, 2 fuel depots and a LPG terminal.

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