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Uncover the needs and preferences of your potential customers and craft a winning strategy for the successful launch of a product that aligns with market demands.

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Gauge Consumer Perception and Discover What They Truly Think About Your Product. We'll Help You Turn Data into a Market-Adapted Launch Success.

Perception Testing

Unearth the covered needs and the latent desires, learn consumer preferences and understand how they perceive the subtleties of your product, from design to scent to packaging.

Consumer Preferences

Discover consumer favorites: which products or services they prefer, how often and where they shop, and their preferred purchase locations and more.

Development Opportunities

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product you’re testing, as well as areas for enhancement to meet the niche needs of your target audience.

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Research for Testing a New Product

Discover how consumers perceive the product you want to launch on the market and what are the features that influence the purchasing decision and the intensity of consumption. Here’s how we can help!

What is a Product Testing Research?

Get an Unfiltered Opinion on Your Product

Product testing research is a study process through which we gather user feedback on a new product or service, whether physical or digital. The primary goal of this study is to enhance the product by identifying issues, refining key features, and improving the user experience.

Tailor Your Product to Consumer Needs

Discover potential customers' perceptions of your tested product and the latent needs in the market. This allows you to fine-tune your products and services to offer a better consumer experience.

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Unlock the Secrets of Your Product’s Success

Command the Spotlight with User-Backed Insights

  • Unearth what users are really saying about your product. Dive deep into their genuine thoughts on its prowess and allure.
  • Expose your product's superpowers and kryptonite. Stand out or blend in? The choice is yours.
  • Elevate your product from ordinary to extraordinary. Why settle for fine when you can be their favorite?
  • Decode the user’s desires. Deliver not just what they need, but what they crave.
  • Pinpoint the make-or-break moments of purchase. Harness the power behind every decision.
  • Isolate the features that make users' hearts beat faster. What makes them say "take my money"?
  • Craft marketing genius from raw, unfiltered feedback. Let user voices catapult your strategy beyond the horizon.
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When do you conduct a Product Testing Study?

Throughout the entire product lifecycle.

A product testing study isn’t a one-time affair; it's a pulse check at every stage of development. From concept inception to post-launch, seize the power to refine your product through targeted, iterative feedback loops (surveys) or ongoing community panels (forums) online.

MKOR Experts Recommend

The recommendation from MKOR experts is to continuously assess consumer perception in order to adapt product development to market changes.

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Research Methodologies used in Product Testing


Semi-Structured Interview

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What do you receive as part of a Product Testing project?

Concrete results and strategic recommendations. You have access to all project deliverables:

Research report

Video recordings

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


Don't have time to wait? See what consumer experience data you can access instantly.

We Grasp the Power of Customer Feedback in Product Development. Our Expert Team Ensures You Get All the Essential Information.

Setting Research Goals Together

We understand the context of launching the new product and together we establish the research objectives. Based on these, we choose the appropriate methodology.

Data Straight from Customers

MKOR experts take action and gather the most relevant data. Regardless of the company's field, you will discover the profile and attitudes of consumers.

Actionable Recommendations

Our team of experts delivers reports that are easy to navigate and provides actionable recommendations for successfully launching a product tailored to market needs.


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