Discover the Why Behind Consumer Choices

Consumer Research Studies: Insights to Elevate Your Growth

Discover how MKOR's Consumer Research empowers actionable decisions for unparalleled business growth.

Discover What Consumers Think and Do: Transforming Insights into Concrete Results

Discover Who Your Consumers Are

Go beyond simple purchasing patterns. Unearth not just what consumers are buying, but who they are—the people behind the choices. Unlock new consumer types, their habits, and the driving forces behind their decisions.

See General Consumption Trends

Track the evolution of consumption indicators and preferences across categories and brands. Spot emerging trends and seize opportunities in newly uncovered needs.

Measure Consumer Satisfaction

Determine how satisfied consumers are with your products, services, and brand. Gain insights on how to enhance the customer journey and foster brand loyalty.

Consumer Research – The Answers You Need, Straight from the Source

Gain more than just demographic data or purchase history. Discover what truly motivates consumers, their preferences, needs, and expectations.

Deep Dive into Consumer Understanding

Our Usage and Attitude (U&A) studies go beyond surface-level insights to help you identify the needs and attitudes of consumers regarding specific categories of products or services. This data sheds light on categories and brands that are well-known, used, and preferred by consumers, offering a deeper understanding of market dynamics.

Identify Consumption Patterns and Usage

Find out how your offered product or service fits into the everyday life of consumers. Stay ahead by understanding your consumers on a deeper level and identifying unmet needs that are waiting to be addressed.

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Truly Understand Your Existing and Potential Clients

A consumer profiling study (Consumer Persona) enables you to segment your audience into groups with similar characteristics: generations, lifestyles, values, shopping behaviors, and more. This deep dive into your audience's personas provides a strategic foundation for personalized marketing efforts and product development.

Speak the Language of Your Consumers

Discover relevant details about who your consumers are and how they think, to communicate effectively. We aid you in crafting consumer personas that tell a compelling story—one that resonates with your audience and fosters a deeper connection with your brand.

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Learn How Consumers Perceive the Experience You Offer

From our Consumer Experience (CX) evaluation studies, discover how effortless, valuable, or positive each interaction with your brand is perceived by consumers at every touchpoint. These insights empower you to refine and enhance the entire customer journey, ensuring each step aligns with the expectations of your audience.

Understand What Drives Repeat Business

Consumers associate brands with the experiences they deliver. Find out what consumers value the most throughout their interaction with your brand and uncover any unmet expectations. Learn the key drivers that will encourage your customers to come back time and again.

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Discover How Satisfied Your Customers Are (CSAT)

Your existing customers are your best growth engine: as long as they are satisfied, they will continue to buy. Our Consumer Satisfaction (CSAT) research reveals what customers appreciate and where they see room for improvement with your products, services, and brand.

See How Likely They Are to Recommend Your Brand (NPS)

Happy customers are the most credible brand ambassadors. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) tells you how satisfied and loyal your customers are. Our follow-up questions help identify differentiators and pain points, giving you actionable insights to turn customers into enthusiastic promoters.

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See Your Organization Through Your Employees' Eyes

Discover the strengths and areas for development within your organization from the perspective of your employees. Through our Employee Satisfaction (ES) research, learn what expectations your team has and what suggestions they offer for improving the work environment.

Understand What Motivates Your Team

Find out how satisfied your employees are with their job and the company. Learn what drives them to come to work with enthusiasm every day. Timely identification of issues allows you to address potential problems before they escalate.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Market with Our Consumer Research

What's included? You get more than data; you get the full spectrum of insights and tools for market mastery:

Research report

Interactive dashboard

Topline report

Raw database

Questionnaire script

Activity reports


Can't Wait for Insights? Instantly Access Consumer Data

How We Collect Data for Consumer Research

We tap into a wealth of sources, both direct and indirect, whether you’re engaging consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B). Our established research methods and instruments allow us to delve into a rich exploration of behaviors, experiences, motivations, preferences: from opinion polls and individual interviews to focus groups and field studies. And when traditional methods don’t suffice, we innovate.

Each research tool is customized and carefully chosen to yield answers to the questions that matter to you. Even if we’re not subject matter experts in your industry, our design phase ensures that we become deeply acquainted with what drives your business. Thus, each step in our research process is a collaborative effort, aimed at uncovering the most valuable information.

With us, you leverage the expertise of our respondents, ensuring their time is respected and their insights are crisp, ensuring that every conversation is meaningful and fresh.

Opinion Polls – The Majority’s Perspective

Our opinion polls can be administered through multiple channels: online (CATI), telephone (CAPI), face-to-face (CAPI). These tools quantify trends, behaviors, preferences.

👉 Results can be extrapolated to the entire population studied, ensuring the sample is representative.

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In-Depth Structured Interviews – Valuable Insights Unearthed

Individual discussions, whether structured (SI) or in-depth (IDI), provide contextual information. They uncover perspectives, experiences, life stories, and personal preferences.

👉 Results reflect more detailed particularities, often validated through multiple methods.

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Mystery Shopping – Uncover How Your Clients Truly Feel

Evaluate the quality of the services or products offered by your professionals and agents. Mystery Shopping contributes to a deeper understanding of the customer’s perspective.

👉 Rapidly offers information regarding the current situation of service.

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Focus Groups – Understand Perceptions, Motivations, and Attitudes

Group discussions (FGD) allow for the exploration of preliminary reactions to products/services, consumption ideas, or developmental insights for any new product.

👉 Provides additional information, compared to quantitative methods: gestures, facial expressions, and emotions.

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Harness the Power of the MKOR Consumer Panel


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How We Work?

💡 Ensuring We Understand Your Context

Every Consumer Study Begins with Understanding Your Research Needs

Prepare to dive into questions about what you seek to know and achieve, who your target audience is, and most importantly, why.

This foundational step dictates the success of the entire project. It allows us to align on the project scope and determine the correct approach together.

🤝 We Offer Transparency Throughout the Research Project Duration

Constant Updates on Project Evolution, Making Key Decisions Together

You will be partnered with a dedicated Project Manager who ensures the smooth running of the entire research project. Right from the start, we establish when and what input is needed from you.

Experience tells us that challenges may arise at any stage of the research, but we are always proactive in finding solutions. No matter the news, good or bad, we communicate promptly.

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