Un Iași Pentru Viitor is the first real-time public opinion consultation study, an IULIUS project carried out in collaboration with MKOR. The study aimed at a better understanding of the perception of the people of Iași regarding their city at present, but also about its development in the future.

During the collection phase, respondents had instant access to the most relevant results of the study, on the platform dedicated to the initiative – a live dashboard, a tool developed by MKOR.

City brand study

In order to better understand how the people of Iași relate to their city, we started the project with an extensive desk research, in order to identify the main aspects that outline the identity of a city.

Thus, we defined a series of dimensions specific to the city branding, which would help us to better understand how the people of Iași relate to their city.

The next stage of the project aimed a quantitative study, conducted on a simple random sample that targeted the inhabitants of Iasi.

Data collected from 2,155 respondents were transposed into an interactive dashboard, continuously updated throughout the collection of responses. Thus, the results of the public consultation could be followed live.

This is how we found out, for example, that “2 out of 10 people from Iași would like Iași to be a city for its people in 10 years” or that Education is one of the main aspects that make Iași a special city, in the vision of its inhabitants.

Iași City Brand – Research Objectives

The main objectives of the project included:

  • Identifying the main aspects that define the identity of the city of Iași, from the perspective of the inhabitants.
  • Identifying the main grievances of the inhabitants of Iași regarding the existing initiatives for urban development and reconfiguration.
  • Identifying the urban reconfiguration solutions preferred by members of the local community in Iasi.
  • Identifying the directions of development of Iași preferred by the local community, which allow, in the long run, its positioning as a city of choice for the inhabitants.
  • The foundation of a new urban identity for Iași (city brand), based on the development of a modern emblematic building, in accordance with the expectations and needs of the inhabitants.

real time city brand study

About the Real Time Research

The research was based on a quantitative methodology that involved applying the online questionnaire to a simple random sample of residents of Iași. The data collected following the application of the online questionnaire was displayed in a live dashboard.

The uniqueness and validity of the data in the dashboard was checked automatically on the fly using out proprietary algorithms.

About IULIUS Group

IULIUS Group boasts over 20 years of real estate experience and is present in four major cities in Romania: Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara and Suceava. IULIUS Group is the developer of the first mall outside the capital, inaugurated in 2000 in Iasi.

The group’s projects are based on sustainable concepts, which go beyond their functional role by harmonizing the real estate industry with the perceived identity of the communities in which they are developed.

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