At the end of 2019, a Romanian footwear manufacturer was preparing to launch its own brand, Enzo Margi, on the local market. To substantiate the launch strategy with updated market data, the company contacted MKOR Consulting.

The collaboration began with the acquisition of the ready-made study Digital Fashion Consumer Trends 2019. At a later stage, our client wanted to know the footwear market potential for the targeted segments, respectively Premium and Luxury, so he opted for a custom market study.

The approach proposed by the MKOR specialists had flexibility as its first characteristic. Taking into account the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, in early 2020, the research methodology was updated only a few days after the project approval. Thus, instead of using the standard approach of a consumer study, we split the initial sample into two equal samples, which we addressed consecutively, at different moments in time. The purpose of this approach was to collect data that we can analyze contextually, over time, and thus try to predict the evolution of the market in a context more uncertain than ever.

The results of the additional effort have significantly contributed to the understanding of market dynamics, which differed from one potential segment to another. Based on the collected data, Enzo Margi could inform its go-to-market strategy.

Moreover, after the completion of the market research project, Enzo Margi extended the collaboration with MKOR. Our marketing team started working on implementing the recommendations uncovered by the research, while preparing the launch of the new brand.

Measuring the Potential of the Premium and Luxury Footwear Market in Romania

The purpose of the study was to provide actionable answers and recommendations regarding the potential of the Premium and Luxury niche in Romania for a new footwear brand. More precisely, we wanted to find out who are the consumers, what are their preferences and how they can be addressed, who are the direct competitors and what is their competitive advantage.

Information on market specifics and trends was gathered from secondary data sources (official statistics, publications of national, European and global professional associations, financial results of the market players, other studies and publications). While analyzing these data we considered such aspects as: the evolution of footwear production, import and export in Romania or online and offline shopping habits.

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The market data was supplemented by mapping the competitive environment and thoroughly analyzing direct competitors. In this way, the main differentiators for the Premium and Luxury footwear brands were identified.

At the same time, we obtained information directly from the consumers, regarding their footwear purchasing habits and the criteria they use when choosing one brand over the other. The data thus collected was essential in determining the market size and defining the consumer profile for premium and luxury footwear.

Finally, the triangulation of all the data collected enabled us to formulate conclusions and strategic recommendations for the launch of the Enzo Margi brand.

The research objectives

During the research, the objectives aimed to reveal aspects regarding:

    • Consumer behavior in terms of footwear purchases.
    • Benchmarking in the COVID-19 context.
    • Footwear consumers profile (segmentation).
    • Evolutionary trends of the footwear market, from the retail and production perspective.
    • Analysis of factors that may influence the development of a footwear brand (PESTLE analysis).
    • Analysis of the competitive environment. Market share by competitor.
    • Opportunity analysis: SWOT and Porter, to define the factors that influence the success of a new player in the market.
    • Volume and value estimation for the footwear market in general and Premium & Luxury in particular.
    • Market forecast, in the context of COVID-19. Multiple scenarios of macroeconomic risk or market positioning.

About the research

Report Preview Opportunity Research on the Premium and Luxury Footwear Market in Romania – Enzo Margi

In order to capture the potential of the Romanian market for Premium and Luxury footwear, considering the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior, MKOR has developed a complex research methodology.

Target market: Romania

Research tools:

  • Desk Research
  • Consumer study: online opinion poll (CAWI), administered in 2 waves
  • Financial analysis and forecast

Sample: representative by age criteria, gender and geographical distribution (large cities and metropolitan areas)

Sources: official statistical data, publications of national professional associations, european and global, financial results of market players, other studies and publications.

To meet the challenge of identifying the potential of a niche market, in a period with major changes in consumer behavior, MKOR tailored the study methodology:

  • 2 research waves (beginning of the lockdown period and after the relaxation of measures to limit the COVID-19 epidemic in Romania)
  • Control group
  • Premium & Luxury consumer quantitative sample.

About the client

Margi Shoes, the owner of the new Enzo Margi brand, is a Romanian manufacturer from Cluj-Napoca, with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing premium and luxury footwear.

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MKOR studies during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts consumption behaviors in ways that are difficult to predict. In this context, MKOR consultants are up to date with the latest recommendations of the global research community regarding new approaches that can be used in predicting consumer behaviors.

Similarly, MKOR conducts its own research projects on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic both in the case of the general population and the business environment. You can download these studies for free from the website section dedicated to Public Research.