IULIUS is the only developer and operator of mixed urban regeneration projects in Romania, with over 25 years of experience in the real estate sector and a presence in four major cities across the country – Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava.

The mission of IULIUS projects is to add value to the locations they transform, through sustainable concepts that transcend their functional role and merge with the local community identity. The developed projects are distinguished by integrating spacious gardens, bringing nature into the heart of cities, among people.

In the research phase for preparing a new real estate project in an important Romanian city and to better understand the residents’ perception, Iulius has delegated the MKOR team to carry out a brand identity research.


The collaboration with Iulius began in 2019, and since then we have conducted multiple studies together, which you can explore here:

-> Consumer Study, Attitudes and Behaviors Iulius Mall

-> City Brand Study Iași – IULIUS

-> B2B Satisfaction Study Iulius

Through an online survey conducted with the help of MKOR’s own Panel, we asked respondents what their perception is regarding the city as it is now and its development.

Research Objectives

The research took place in the context of a new development planned by IULIUS in an important city of the country. The study aimed to explore the opinions of the residents regarding the current city and their desires for future development, including:

  • Identifying aspects that define the city from the perspective of its inhabitants
  • Perceptions of residents about the city’s development
  • Expectations of the residents regarding the future of the city
  • Exploring the city’s brand identity

About the Urban Brand Identity Study

To obtain relevant information and meet the research objectives, MKOR proposed a quantitative approach, through online opinion surveys conducted using MKOR’s own Panel.

  • Target: City residents and the metropolitan area
  • Research Method: Online opinion survey (CAWI)
  • Period: October – November 2023

IULIUS recommends MKOR

MKOR is a professional agency with a team that has extensive experience in the field, bringing meticulously conducted studies and reports to life. The preliminary interest shown in understanding new trends enabled us to access all the relevant information for making decisions for the future.

The most interesting aspect of our collaboration was the “Iasi for the Future” study, created to build and shape perceptions regarding a future urban development project.

It was a study that integrated the most advanced platforms and provided real-time results through a dashboard, which was the first of its kind among all the studies we have conducted from a stakeholder perspective in Iași, benefiting not only us but also many stakeholders involved in the community.

One of the things I appreciate most about our collaboration with MKOR is the natural and honest communication, which has set the tone for a project management approach that ensures all team members are aligned. Everyone involved in the process is knowledgeable, committed, and responsible, which not only brings clarity to specific requirements but also provides research tools that help us make data-driven decisions.

Additionally, meetings are very well organized, making it extremely easy to follow data flow during the discussions and to make immediate use of insights (even the most complex ones from the project), which ultimately helped us achieve better results and understandings that have driven our actions within the company.

The way in which each project differentiates itself from companies with which I have worked, and the way in which it appreciates the way of integration of technology in their methods, has truly brought about a change. We have implemented complex studies online, created dashboards for public data analysis containing various variables, where both platforms worked together seamlessly and excellently.


Suzana Topiță, Marketing Manager, IULIUS

MKOR Study is an annual barometer for us, a test that we all look forward to in order to appreciate the efforts of the team and the results achieved.

We are happy with the results we’ve obtained from year to year, which show that the areas where we focus our efforts are relevant, we find the right talent, and we strive to solve the audience’s weekly problems.

Sebastian Mahu Iulius

Sebastian Mahu, Head of Asset Management, IULIUS

About the IULIUS Company

IULIUS is a developer and operator specializing in large mixed-use regeneration projects in Romania. The company has over 25 years of experience in the real estate sector and is present in major cities such as Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava. The value of investments made in Romania exceeds 1.2 billion euros.

IULIUS projects aim to enhance the places where they are implemented, shaping urban national landmarks in the office segment – United Business Center.

Through its projects that contribute to urban development, the company assumes responsibility for sustainable business actions. These concepts play a functional role and are an integral part of community identity. The projects stand out by incorporating spacious gardens that bring nature into the heart of cities, aligning with international standards.

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