Volvo collaborated with MKOR on a market study to gain a better understanding of consumer perspectives.

This research focused on aspects related to the usage and purchase of electric cars, the impact of subsidy programs on purchase decisions, the satisfaction levels of electric car owners, and a deeper understanding of consumer behavior.

The data obtained from this study will allow Volvo to better understand the buying, leasing, and usage behavior, and identify the user profile of electric car owners in Romania.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior in the Electric Car Market in Romania

The data obtained from the behavior and attitude study revealed the context in which electric car users in Romania make purchasing decisions, as well as aspects regarding the mode of ownership (leasing, personal property, or rental).

Additionally, our client gained relevant insights about consumer perceptions of their brand, their positioning in the market, consumption habits regarding the electric car market in Romania, and their position in the top of electric car brands in the country.


Benefits of Conducting Consumer Behavior and Attitude Research

Conducting a consumer behavior and attitude study, like the one Volvo commissioned with MKOR, provides numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your business strategy and competitive edge:

  • In-depth Consumer Insights: Gain a thorough understanding of the behaviors, preferences, and motivations of your target audience, enabling you to tailor your products and marketing strategies to better meet their needs.
  • Market Positioning: Identify how your brand is perceived in the market compared to competitors, allowing you to adjust your positioning and messaging for greater impact.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Use data-driven insights to make informed decisions regarding product development, marketing campaigns, and overall business strategy.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Understand the factors that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, helping you to enhance the customer experience and build stronger relationships with your audience.
  • Trend Identification: Stay ahead of market trends and shifts in consumer behavior, enabling you to adapt quickly and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Customized Solutions: Receive personalized research solutions that are specifically designed to address your unique business challenges and objectives.

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Research Objectives

This study aimed to provide a detailed perspective on the different aspects that influence the decision to purchase and use electric vehicles. The objectives of the study conducted for Volvo were:

  • Specific Buying Behaviors of Electric Cars;
  • Differentiators: Comfort, performance, design, energy consumption, safety;
  • Motivational Factors and Measures: Trust in technology, autonomy, repairs, performance;
  • Benchmarking Electric Cars;
  • User Profile;
  • Experience Details: Sources of information, applications used.

About the Electric Car Market Study

For this project, we conducted a quantitative study using an opinion survey tool, administered in the field by operators.

  • Market: Romania
  • Target: Electric car drivers
  • Type of Research: Quantitative
  • Research Instrument: Field survey administered by operators (CAPI)

About Volvo

Volvo is a car manufacturing and distributing company with a history that began in Sweden in 1927. Volvo’s portfolio includes electric cars, hybrids, and mild hybrids.

The company states:

Making life easier, better, and safer has become our mission.

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