Discover top market trends and uncover sources of innovation for digital fashion in Romania with the latest industry research from MKOR Consulting’s team of experts.

During the past two years, MKOR Consulting has conducted several studies related to fashion consumers – the first to do so in the Romanian market. It is now one of our main fields of expertise and our annual research.

The first edition of the Digital Fashion Consumer Trends Report was released in 2018. This year research is more resourceful and insightful as figures are compared with data from the previous edition, providing a framework to observe evolution in the industry.

The 2019 research edition maintains its indicators for innovation (How does the Fashion Store of the Future look like in the eyes of the consumers?) but also, for the first time, celebrates the brands that foster digital experiences. In this respect, MKOR Consulting proudly launches the awards embedded in the Seals of Excellence.

The Future of the Fashion Consumer

The internet in general, and e-commerce in particular, are transforming the entire apparel and footwear industry. A few years ago, the fashion industry was mainly driven by manufacturers, retailers and designers. Today, the internet empowers consumers and gives them a voice in relation to their favourite fashion brands.

We decided to take a deeper look at consumers’ habits and learn more about the link between online and offline fashion and how digital technologies influence the experience of fashion consumers in Romania.

For the first time in Romania, we took consumers’ imagination into account to find out what the Store of the Future looks like.

The report shows relevant insights on how Romanian consumers choose fashion items, how they end up in a fashion store, how they buy and what digital experiences they had in Romanian fashion stores.

Digital Fashion Consumer Insights

Understand key issues influencing the digital fashion consumer. The Digital Fashion Consumer Report includes:

  • General buying habits: preferred locations, frequency, and shopping budgets;
  • Online behaviour: sources of information, drivers for accessing an online fashion store and traffic sources;
  • Differentiators: how consumers pick an online store, payment and delivery preferences, and reasons for purchase returns;
  • Fashion shopping in the digital age: the link between online and offline and the ways they are connected;
  • Digital experiences: fashion brands that offered unique digital experiences to consumers in 2018;
  • Top fashion brands: brand awareness, conversion rate and level of satisfaction (Net Promoter Score benchmarking);
  • Store of the Future: how do consumers see the fashion stores in the future?

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Key Findings

The main research findings indicate an increased appetite for both new technologies and fashion trends:

  • Romanians love to dress well: more than half of Romanian consumers usually buy new outfits at least several times a month (56%, up 7 points compared to 2017).
  • Online stores are mainly used as sources of information: 69% check what’s new in terms of products and promotions, while 47% compare prices and 37% just want some inspiration.
  • Search online, buy offline habits: almost one-third of consumers look online for products they later buy offline. Younger people from Generation Z are more likely to go to brick and mortar stores to test the products, compared to other generations representatives.
  • Online shopping, from visit to purchase: Facebook advertisements draw more than half of online visitors to online stores.
  • Romanian fashion consumers love digital: 63% of Romanians have had digital experiences during shopping sprees in fashion stores (+30 points compared to last year).
  • The future is digital for most Romanians: 21% expect digital, customised experiences in the Store of the Future, which should be accessible on any device and should incorporate new technologies for virtual try-on.

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