Klintensiv is a local producer and supplier of disinfectants and cleaning products, mainly known for professional medical disinfectants, for institutions, office spaces, HoReCa, and household cleaning products.

In the context of the recent evolution of the disinfectants market, the company commissioned the MKOR team to carry out a behavior study to delve into the decision-making process regarding the purchase of these products in private clinics and hospitals.

We have collected and analyzed market data for a customized study with a dual purpose: understanding the consumer behavior in the medical field regarding the acquisition of disinfectants, as well as brand tracking analysis.

Klintensiv is the only producer in Romania that develops sterilization products with a prolonged action for the cleaning of medical devices, respectively. The products are sterilized through filtration to 0.2 microns and irradiation (Gamma).

The study of the ‘Disinfectants Market in Romania’ conducted by MKOR Consulting includes a detailed examination of purchasing preferences and decision-making factors in the professional disinfectants segment, with a focus on product quality and brand recognition.

7 out of 10 doctors in private clinics prefer accredited disinfectant suppliers

The study highlights the concern for cleaning and hygiene, with an emphasis on the quality of disinfection of surfaces and instruments in Romanian clinics.

One of the study’s objectives is to understand the attitudes and behaviors of medical staff regarding the purchase of disinfectants, as well as to assess the level of knowledge and performance perceived of the Klintensiv brand among potential clients.

For this market research, a quantitative study was conducted, using a telephone survey data collection instrument, carried out with the support of interview operators.

Key results:

  • 7 out of 10 doctors making decisions in Romanian clinics consider the certification or accreditation of suppliers to be the most important aspect in the decision to purchase;
  • The main use of disinfectants is for surface disinfection, being used to a large extent in 8 out of 10 institutions;
  • 73% of the institutions that took part in the study purchase products for instrument disinfection, and 64% for disinfecting soft surfaces;
  • The cabinets for examining patients are among the most disinfected areas, followed by waiting areas, then instruments and medical equipment, and toilets.

Several factors play a total responsibility in the decision-making process for the use of medical surface disinfection products. The brand of the product purchased, the website of the Ministry of Health, and the product manufacturer’s direct sales are the main sources of information when it comes to purchasing disinfectants.

Previous experience and trust in the supplier are, as well, important factors.


Research Objectives

The objectives of this market research were to understand the attitudes and behaviors of medical personnel regarding the purchase of disinfectants, as well as to evaluate the level of knowledge and performance perceived of the Klintensiv® brand among potential clients.

Some of the objectives included:

  • Uncovering online and offline purchasing behaviors
  • Learning details about the purchasing process, purchasing frequency, budget allocations, and preferred brands
  • Objectives of acquisition and usage of professional disinfectants
  • Evaluating the level of brand awareness of Klintensiv®

About the Market Study

For this project, a quantitative study was conducted using a telephone survey data collection instrument, with the support of interview operators.

  • Target Market: Persons responsible for purchasing professional disinfectants in private clinics and hospitals.
  • Research Instrument: Telephone survey (CATI)
  • Sample: 107 private medical entities in the cities of Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara, Iasi, Craiova, and Cluj-Napoca & Brasov.

In addition to this market research, the company also hired us for a behavioral study, to discover the general usage habits of cleaning and disinfection products for households, and what types of products are preferred by Romanians.


About the Romanian Company Klintensiv®

Klintensiv® is a company specialized in the research and manufacturing of disinfectants for medical use and professional cleaning products. The company was established in 2011, with entirely Romanian capital.

Over the years, the company has become a trusted supplier for both private and public companies, as well as for domestic consumers. Klintensiv produces and markets three different ranges of products: Professional Disinfectants, Davera – cleaning products and personal care products – Klintensiv Beauty.

All marketed disinfectants are notified by the Ministry of Health and the Biocidal Products Committee. The production process is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, with the products being certified at the quality norms of the European Union.

Klintensiv invests in research and development to periodically bring new products to the market and to make its work processes more efficient, thereby maintaining the high quality of its products and competitive prices. Social responsibility is also a major concern for the company, which acts in a manner that is responsible for society and protective of the environment. Their vision is to ensure sustainable growth in which they build trustworthy relationships with clients, encouraging them to return due to the quality of the products and services provided.

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