Cupio is a significant provider of professional cosmetics, serving both the Romanian market and internationally. The company offers a varied portfolio including nail care, makeup, and personal care products.

The Timișoara-based company has become one of the main suppliers of cosmetics for beauty salons in Romania and beyond, with products reaching international markets through distributors authorized in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark.

To better understand the market context and positioning for the semi-permanent nail polish category, Cupio entrusted MKOR to conduct a research study to assess brand notoriety from the consumer’s perspective.

A quantitative study was initiated with the help of an MKOR Consumer Online Panel, and data collection was carried out through online opinion polls.

The findings of the research report have been published in the press. You can see the media coverage of the study as well.


Cupio, the Most Renowned Semi-permanent Nail Polish Brand

According to the brand tracking conducted by the MKOR team, Cupio is recognized for its impressive notoriety in the Romanian beauty market as the most renowned semi-permanent nail polish brand.

The company leads the semi-permanent nail polish category in Romania, and according to the brand indicators evaluated, a slice of the respondents spontaneously mentioned Cupio.

9 out of 10 people familiar with the brand would choose Cupio products when it comes to purchasing semi-permanent nail polish.

The market study results highlight customer loyalty and Cupio’s leading position in consumers’ minds.

Key results from the study:

  • Cupio is the first brand that comes to mind for 1 in 5 Romanians when thinking of semi-permanent nail polish.
  • Cupio is the top choice for consumers regarding purchase intent.
  • 4 out of 10 respondents identified Cupio as their preferred brand from a varied list of competitors.

Research Objectives

For this study, Cupio aimed to ascertain its brand notoriety, spontaneous awareness, usage rate, consideration, and conversion. In the research, we analyzed many aspects related to Cupio’s notoriety in the Romanian cosmetics market.

Some of the objectives were:

  • How Cupio is perceived compared to competitors
  • Brand performance
  • Spontaneous notoriety and awareness among consumers
  • Perceptions of semi-permanent nail polish brands


About the Research

For the Cupio brand tracking research project, a quantitative study was conducted using online surveys as the data collection instrument, carried out with the help of MKOR’s Consumer Research Panel.

  • Research Instrument: Online survey (CAWI)
  • Sample: Random, stratified, nationally representative based on gender, age, and geographical distribution

Cupio Testimonial

With this letter, we express our complete satisfaction and gratitude for the professional services provided by MKOR, with which we had the pleasure to collaborate recently for a complex payment study.

MKOR has distinguished itself through professionalism, punctuality, and has substantially contributed to achieving our strategic objectives. The criteria that guided our decision in choosing a collaborator included the renowned expertise of the MKOR team in conducting complex studies, their capacity for delivering detailed and well-founded analyses.

The market study carried out by MKOR offered an in-depth analysis and valuable data, allowing us to fundamentally base our actions on precise results. The results of the study were essential in formulating informed decisions, directly contributing to improving our actions.

We recommend MKOR with full confidence for several reasons. First and foremost, the quality and accuracy of the information provided in the market study. The MKOR team has demonstrated a deep understanding of our specific needs, delivering pertinent information. Moreover, the professionalism, flexibility, and engagement for client satisfaction have been evident at every stage of collaboration. Lastly, the punctuality and transparency with which they managed our project were remarkable, providing us with a foundation we can rely on for future endeavors.

In conclusion, our experience with MKOR was exceptional, and we highly recommend them without reservation for any needs related to market studies and professional analysis.

Press Highlights of the Study

The study was covered by the press in Romania and a few international publications as described below:

About the Romanian Company Cupio

Cupio is a Romanian brand dedicated to beauty, established in 2012, known for its diverse range of professional cosmetics and commitment to fulfilling the desires and needs of women around the world. The brand has become a symbol of passion for beauty and innovation, offering high-quality products that promote beauty and personal care.

With a strong presence both in the local market and internationally, Cupio stands out for its ability to provide a complete beauty experience, including a variety of products for makeup, body care, and manicure. The company maintains a constant commitment to innovation, continually adapting to new technologies and consumer demands.

Over the years, Cupio has succeeded in creating a strong community of clients and professionals, building solid relationships based on trust and satisfaction, using high-quality products and keeping up with market dynamics and consumer needs.

The company has a team of 190 employees and owns 24 physical stores in Romania.

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