Apemin Tusnad delegated MKOR to conduct a market research study in order to uncover market intelligence data with a focus on the consumer of bottled mineral water. The study examined in-depth consumption and purchase behaviours of Romanians in terms of bottled water, the positioning of Apemin Tusnad compared to its main competitors, as well as a better understanding of the audience for own brands, Tusnad and Artesia.

Bottled water consumer study

In order to better understand the consumer perspective, we chose a methodology that enabled us to access various segments of water consumers in our country.

The data collected allowed us to define buyer personas for consumers of flat, carbonated and partially carbonated mineral water based on the purchasing and consumption behaviors investigated (frequent, occasional, non-consumers). Moreover, by evaluating consumer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score) we established which are the top bottled water brands, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each brand.

We were also able to determine the size of the bottled mineral water market in Romania, based on data provided by the consumer study.

The research objectives

In this project we aimed to find out:

  • Consumption and purchase behaviours for bottled water;
  • Top bottled water brands;
  • Positioning of the main bottled water brands;
  • Brand differentiators;
  • Consumer profile;
  • The bottled water market size.
Report Preview Behaviors and attitudes study – Mineral Water Consumption in Romania – Apemin Tusnad

About the research

The research had a quantitative methodology and involved applying online questionnaires on a nationally representative sample, based on gender, age and geographical distribution, including residency. In order to have a greater accuracy in analysing own brands, we also collected data from two subsamples, one for Tusnad, respectively one for Artesia, for the purpose of a detailed profiling.

About Apemin Tusnad

Apemin Tusnad is a Romanian company founded in 1999 and is one of the top bottlers of mineral water in our country. The company has a wide portfolio, including traditional carbonated mineral waters (Tusnad Albastru), as well as partially carbonated (Tusnad Verde), flat minerals (Artesia) or mass brands (Izvorul Ascuns). The bottled water by Apemin Tusnad is originated in the Harghita Mountains.

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MKOR studies during the COVID-19 pandemic

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