In the dynamic world of non-profit organizations, deeply understanding donor behaviors and loyalty is essential for long-term success and sustainability.

Behavior studies provide valuable insights that can guide communication and fundraising strategies, maximizing the organization’s impact. In this article, we will explore how such studies can transform the competitive advantages of non-profit organizations.

Donor Profile via SMS – Autism Voice

Autism Voice is an NGO dedicated to helping individuals with autism and their families by offering ABA therapy programs (Applied Behavior Analysis), early diagnosis, and training. Among its significant projects is the Autism Voice Institute, a unique recovery and research center in Romania, emphasizing education and social integration of those affected.

To better understand the context of donations from a consumer perspective, Autism Voice, in collaboration with MKOR, conducted a market study to delve into donation behaviors, donor profiles, and communication between Autism Voice and its donors.

Behavior and Loyalty Study: Autism Voice

The data obtained from the behavior study revealed donors’ attitudes towards helping those around them, charitable organizations, other causes they donated to, and how they perceive the activities of Autism Voice.

Following this study, MKOR proposed a series of measures to help maintain and increase the number of donors. The proposed measures target: transparency and personalization; diversifying donation methods; community involvement; strengthening trust among skeptical donors; and attracting corporate sponsorship.


Research Objectives

MKOR’s study aimed to provide a detailed perspective on the behaviors of donors via SMS in Autism Voice’s existing database. The objectives of this study were as follows:

  • Exploring Donation Behaviors: Frequency of donations, motivating factors, competition.
  • Perception of Autism Voice: Spontaneous associations, the image of Autism Voice, NPS score (whether they would recommend the organization).
  • Future Relationship of Donors with Autism Voice: Intent to donate to corporate environments, future individual donations.
  • Donor Profile: Demographic and psychographic characteristics of donors.

Long-Term Benefits of Behavior Studies

In the long run, behavior studies bring multiple benefits that can transform the competitive advantages of a non-profit organization:

  • Enhancing Donor Relationships: By deeply understanding the motivations and preferences of donors, organizations can personalize messages and campaigns to increase their loyalty and engagement.
  • Optimizing Fundraising Strategies: Studies provide valuable insights into preferred donation channels and methods, enabling organizations to optimize their fundraising strategies and maximize campaign efficiency.
  • Increasing Transparency and Trust: Identifying donor needs and expectations regarding transparency and communication helps build trust and attract new donors.
  • Adapting to Market Changes: Behavior studies allow organizations to quickly identify changes in donor behaviors and preferences, facilitating the adaptation of communication and fundraising strategies.
  • Informed and Strategic Decisions: Collected data provides a solid foundation for strategic decision-making, reducing risks, and maximizing growth opportunities and social impact.

Research Methodology

This study involved primary research, collecting data directly from the source through an online opinion survey.

  • Market: Romania
  • Target: Donors of Autism Voice
  • Type of Research: Quantitative
  • Research Instrument: Online opinion survey (CAWI)

About Autism Voice

Autism Voice is a non-governmental organization in Romania dedicated to supporting children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. Founded in 2008, the organization’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism and integrate them into society.

Autism Voice collaborates with specialists in psychology, education, and health to provide personalized and efficient interventions for individuals with autism.

Additionally, Autism Voice is active in raising awareness and understanding of autism among the general public by organizing events, information campaigns, and volunteer activities. Through these efforts, Autism Voice aims to create a more inclusive and empathetic society for people with autism and their families.

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