The market for home cleaning products and disinfectants is dynamic, and the health sector’s needs continue to evolve. Klintensiv® is a local producer and supplier of disinfectants and cleaning products, primarily known for its professional medical disinfectants, for medical facilities, offices, HoReCa, and household cleaning products.

Klintensiv offers a range of cleaning products for households, personal care, and pharmaceuticals.

Amid the changing landscape of the disinfectant market, the company commissioned our team to conduct a consumer research on usage and attitudes to better understand consumer habits and attitudes toward home cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Usage Habits: Cleaning and Disinfecting Products

Klintensiv manufactures and markets professional disinfectants and is reaching out to household consumers, now offering home cleaning and personal care products.

To understand the usage habits and behavior of Romanians regarding home cleaning and disinfecting products, a custom study was conducted with the help of MKOR’s Research Panel, providing a comprehensive collection of data with national representation.


Research Objectives

For this research project, the company aimed to find out what the general usage habits are for cleaning and disinfectant products for household use, and what types of products are used by Romanians and others. Some of the research objectives included:

  • Discovering the general usage habits of cleaning and disinfectant products
  • Ways of using the products and purchasing frequency
  • The notoriety of the Klintensiv brand and its market positioning
  • Specific purchasing habits for cleaning products
  • Determining the demographic profile of consumers

About the Research

For this project, a quantitative study was conducted using online opinion polls, realized with the help of MKOR’s own consumer panel.

  • Target market: Women, 18-55 years old
  • Research instruments: Online opinion survey (CAWI)
  • Sample: Random, stratified, nationally representative based on age and geographic distribution

About the Romanian Company Klintensiv®

Klintensiv® is a Romanian company founded in 2011, with entirely Romanian capital, specialized in the research and manufacturing of medical use disinfectants and professional cleaning products.

Over the years, the company has become a trusted supplier for both private companies and public institutions, as well as for household consumers. Klintensiv produces and markets three distinct product lines: Klintensiv – professional disinfectants, Davera – cleaning products, and Klintensiv Beauty – personal care products.

All disinfectants commercialized by Klintensiv are notified by the Ministry of Health and the Biocide Products Commission. The production process is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, and products are certified to the quality levels of the European Union.

Klintensiv invests in research and development to periodically bring new products to the market, optimizing work processes to maintain high product quality at competitive prices. The company’s social and ecological responsibility is a core concern, and Klintensiv acts responsibly, benefiting society and protecting the environment.

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