The Șureanu area in Alba county is a mountain tourist area that has developed in recent years due to its spectacular landscapes, being called the “Switzerland of Romania”. The development of this area, especially the ski areas, attracts more and more tourists.

In this context, a group of investors collaborated with our team of consultants to identify the habits and attitudes of Romanians in the targeted area regarding the choice of vacation destinations. The results obtained contribute to a better understanding of potential customers and to determining the potential market for a new resort.

The customs and attitudes of Romanians regarding holiday destinations

The study aimed to explore the main customs and attitudes of Romanians regarding holiday destinations in general, and mountain destinations in particular.

The primary analysis, through the online opinion survey, allowed us to identify relevant information such as motivations in choosing the holiday destination, sources of information used, amounts spent, frequency of visits, or preferred activities carried out during the holiday.

Benchmarking favorite mountain holiday destinations

To better understand the mountain tourism market in the Șureanu area, we carried out a comparative analysis of the main destinations available in the area, according to the demographic characteristics of the visitors, but also according to the visiting potential.

In addition, we identified the main expectations of tourists regarding the ideal mountain holiday. Based on the information thus collected, we outlined three distinct user personas, which describe specific visiting behaviors.

The potential market for a new tourist resort in the Șureanu area

The quantitative information collected in the study (eg frequency of visits, number of visitors / group, amounts allocated, services accessed, etc.) helped us to estimate the market in terms of volume and value.

Starting from the total market value, we estimated the potential market for a new mountain tourist resort in the Șureanu area.


Research objectives

Opportunity studies require detailed analyzes of consumer habits and the client’s market of interest, so we always set research objectives that best answer our questions:

  • Identifying the habits and attitudes of Romanians regarding holiday destinations
  • Determining the information sources used and preferred booking methods
  • Identifying differentiating elements between mountain tourist destinations
  • Definition of User personas
  • Estimation of the existing and potential market for a new mountain resort in the Șureanu area

About the research

This study involved primary research, collecting data directly from the source through an online opinion survey.

  • Target market: the area around the Șureanu resort within a radius of 200 km
  • Research type: quantitative research
  • Research tools: online opinion survey (CAWI), carried out with the help of MKOR’s Panel
  • Sample: N=450, representative in terms of age, gender, and geographic distribution

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