In order to expend to the Romanian market, by accessing the intercounty passenger transport licenses, Flixbus requested MKOR Consulting to carry out a market study.

The purpose of this study was to identify the habits of users of long-distance passenger transport services in Romania and their main problems and needs when it comes to traveling by coach.

Romanians’habits regarding domestic travel by coach

This study considered, first of all, the general habits of Romanians regarding long-distance travel within the country.

More specifically, we used online questionnaires to discover how they prefer to travel (preferred means of transport), how often they usually travel from one part of the country to another or what are the reasons why they choose to travel by coach over other options.

The information thus obtained facilitated the outline of the consumer profile for bus trips in Romania, starting from the demographic characteristics of the respondents.

Satisfaction study and NPS score of the main players in the passenger transport market in Romania

To establish the possibility of our client’s development on the Romanian market, we identified the main competitors in the road transport market and analyzed them through the level of satisfaction of consumers.

This positioning, through the NPS score (Net Promoter Score), was completed by a detailed analysis of the selection criteria of companies and offers in the market, as well as the sources of information customers use when they want to use this service.

In the case of this study, external factors related to infrastructure (bus stations) were also taken into account to determine the level of satisfaction.

Romanian Passenger Transport Market – Sample Research Study Report

Research objectives

To identify the preferences of Romanians related to long-distance travel within the country and to obtain an overview of the service offered in the market, we considered aspects such as:

  • Identification of consumption habits (including motivations) regarding domestic long-distance travel (frequency of travel, preferred means of transport);
  • Profiling users of long-distance coach transport services in Romania;
  • Defining the selection criteria of transport operators (including sources of information);
  • Evaluation of the level of satisfaction (including NPS) of consumers towards inter-county road transport services for passengers;

About the Research 

Conducting consumer behavior and satisfaction studies requires collecting data directly from the source. That is why for this study we used the online opinion survey (CAWI), carried out with the help of MKOR’s panel:

  • Target market: the passenger transport market in Romania
  • Research type: quantitative research
  • Research Tools: Online Opinion Survey (CAWI)
  • Sample: N = 1067, nationally representative, based on criteria of gender, age (18-64 years) and geographical distribution (regions), respondents who usually travel by coach on internal inter-county routes, at least 1-2 times a year

About Flixbus

Flixbus is a global company that offers smart, sustainable and affordable mobility services (road and rail transport). It is the market leader in many different regions and offers the largest road network for coach transport in Europe.

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