MKOR’s research professionals enthusiastically received a proposal to resume collaboration with a digital marketing agency. The project was related to a rebranding for a medical optics retailer from Timișoara. Thus, their repositioning market strategy was based on valuable information directly from the users of glasses and complementary products.

In order to have a complete picture of the target market, the research conducted by MKOR involved a mix between a usage and attitudes (U&A) study and a Brand Tracker.

Users Habits and Attitudes regarding medical optics products in Timișoara

The study aimed to explore the main purchasing behaviors of medical optics products in general, but also specifically by product categories.

Data was collected directly from the source (users from Timișoara and the metropolitan area) and allowed us to outline personas according to specific indicators, such as frequency of purchase, purchasing environment, intensity and reasons for using medical optics items.

This information underpinned a better understanding of users, as well as the identification of new potential segments that could be addressed in the rebranding process.

Benchmarking top retailers of medical optics items in Timișoara 

The second direction of the research consisted in identifying the main retailers of medical optics in the targeted area (including the beneficiary of the study) and their detailed analysis.

We considered their position in the market, following indicators such as NPS, notoriety and average expenditure. In addition, we explored the demographic and behavioral profile of the customers of each top retailer.

The study also included the new concept testing to assess the associations that the proposed name for rebranding generates among potential customers.

consumer research optics market

Optics Market Research Objectives

We started this study from a series of research objectives to support the rebranding process of the final beneficiary:

  • Exploring the behavior of purchasing and using medical optics products
  • Performing a benchmark analysis of the main market competitors
  • Defining the user profile of medical optics products
  • Testing the proposed concept for rebranding

About the Research 

Conducting U&A studies involves collecting data directly from the source, and one of our favorite tools for such primary research is the online opinion poll (CAWI), conducted using our own Consumer Panel.

  • Target: medical optics market in Timișoara
  • Research type: quantitative research
  • Research tools: online opinion poll (CAWI)
  • Sample: N = 410 respondents, representative for Timișoara and the metropolitan area of ​​the city, by criteria of gender, age and environment of residence
  • Reporting:  Interactive online dashboard

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