Lately, not only work has moved online, but also learning. Time that people saved in the two years of the pandemic has been reinvested in their education. Whether we are talking about professional development courses or personal development and hobby courses, more people are using online platforms to enrich their knowledge.

To better understand the learning behaviors and interests of Romanians, Upriserz tasked MKOR with a market research on Romanians’ perception of the concept of lifelong learning, general learning habits, and platforms accessed for the purpose of learning.

Romanians’ habits and attitudes regarding lifelong learning

To establish how Romanians understand and relate to the learning activity, we chose to conduct primary research on a nationally representative sample.

Specifically, we asked the population what lifelong learning means to them, and what are their habits regarding learning. Thus, we obtained valuable information related to the frequency and duration of learning, areas of interest, and resources used while learning, in general, but also compared to the last 12 months.

In addition, the information collected on values ​​and hobbies allowed us to outline personas that capture various types of learning.

usage and attitudes research on the learning market

Benchmarking eLearning Platforms 

We mapped the main online learning platforms, which we evaluated in a benchmarking analysis using indicators such as:

  • Top of Mind
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product usage
  • NPS score

In this way we identified not only the main differentiators of the preferred learning platforms, but also possible pain points that may be impediments in accessing these resources.

Educational Research Objectives

In order to determine how Romanians learn and how they relate to online educational platforms, we have considered several main directions:

  • Identify leisure habits
  • Identify learning habits
  • Assessing perceptions of lifelong learning
  • Benchmarking learning platforms
  • Determining the profile of respondents

About the Research

Within this project we carried out a quantitative study, having as a data collection tool the online opinion poll (CAWI), conducted with the help of our own Consumer Panel in Romania.

  • Target market: online education platforms
  • Research type: quantitative research
  • Research tools: online opinion poll (CAWI)
  • Sample: N = 1066, national representative for gender, age (21-65 years), area of ​​residence (urban, rural) and geographical distribution (development regions)

About Upriserz

Upriserz is a Romanian online education platform, offering information from vast fields of business activity. The platform is dedicated to entrepreneurs and working professionals and is focused on uncovering each client’s maximum potential.

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Such studies (U&A) facilitate the exploration of the link between consumer attitudes and consumption habits. However, there are a variety of ways in which the study of behaviors and attitudes can support the management decisions of a business. From identifying new market prospects to discovering new opportunities for the product portfolio.

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