Since 2018, Otokar became a bus supplier for the public transport company in Bucharest (STB). The collaboration consisted of the introduction of new urban bus models, a change with an impact on both drivers and passengers.

To explore the drivers’ perspective on Otokar buses, the company delegated MKOR to carry out a satisfaction survey. The research brought the driving experience of Otokar models to the fore, tracking both the most appreciated aspects and the main reasons for dissatisfaction.

Measuring the level of satisfaction of public transport drivers in Bucharest

The main purpose of the study was to determine the degree of satisfaction of STB drivers regarding driving Otokar brand buses. To measure satisfaction we used the NPS (Net Promoter Score) indicator, and the overall results obtained for Otokar were compared with the scores obtained by other models (Mercedes-Benz).

In addition, field interviews with bus drivers allowed us to evaluate specific functionalities of Otokar means of transport. The analysis of this data showed the strengths, but also the main pain points experienced by drivers while using these buses.

Satisfaction study and NPS score of the main players in the passenger transport market in Romania

To establish the possibility of our client’s development in the Romanian market, we identified the main competitors in the road transport market and analyzed them concerning the level of satisfaction felt by consumers.

This positioning, through the NPS (Net Promoter Score), was complemented by a detailed analysis of the selection criteria of the companies and the offers in the market, as well as the sources of information that customers use when they want to call on a such service.

In the case of this study, external factors related to infrastructure (bus stations) were also taken into account to determine the level of satisfaction.


Research objectives

The main directions considered in this study were:

  • Determining the satisfaction level of Otokar bus drivers
  • Identifying differentiators and pain points for new bus models
  • Benchmarking Otokar buses vs. previous models

About the research

The present study consisted of primary research, with data collected directly from the source through face-to-face interviews

  • Target market: the urban mobility market in Bucharest (STB)
  • Research type: qualitative research
  • Research tools: direct interviews with respondents (TAPI)
  • Sample: N=200 respondents, STB drivers with experience driving Otokar buses

About Otokar

Otokar is a leading manufacturer in the Turkish bus industry. The Otokar ranges offer vehicles for urban mobility, intercity transport, and tourist transport. Currently, Otokar brand vehicles are sold in more than 40 countries, being also a company listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

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