The activity of the players on the market of private services for emergency situations (private fierfighting services) in Romania is largely conditioned by the evolution of the legislative framework in the field.

Following the update of the legal obligations in this field in mid-2019, Falck Fire Services wanted to better understand the specifics of the market in which it operates and to discover existing development opportunities on the market.

The collaboration with MKOR consisted in conducting a complex research, the results of which provided valuable insights about an airtight market and supported the development strategy on the local market of our client.

Assessing Market Potential for the Romanian Market of Private Services for Emergency Situations

Report Preview of Private Services for Emergency Situations

The aim of the study was to obtain a complete and objective picture of the dynamics of the target market.

Therefore, the analysis took into account all the stakeholders, respectively: competitors, customers (existing and potential), regulatory and control bodies.

The publicly available information enabled us to map the competitive environment and identify the development potential of the private services for emergency situations depending on the clients’ field of activity.

Primary data obtained directly from the representatives of the target market were essential in exploring customer needs and expectations. Moreover, based on this data, we determined the main barriers encountered by those with obligations in the field in organizing the activity of fire prevention and defense.

Finally, combining the quantitative and qualitative data collected enabled us to make strategic recommendations regarding the main areas of development.

Objectives of the Study on Private Services Market for Emergency Situations

The main objectives pursued within this research were:

  • The existing market: The market size and structure for fire prevention and firefighting services in Romania.
  • The potential market: Identifying high-potential market segments and the profile of potential customers.
  • Market features: The specifics of organizing the activity of fire prevention and firefighting within the target organizations.
  • Analysis of the competitive environment.

About the Research

In order to best meet the research objectives, we chose a mixed methodology, using both secondary data sources and primary sources.

Target market: Romania

Mixed methodology:

  • Desk Research: analysis of statistical data from public and official sources.
  • In-depth interviews with representatives of the target market, decision makers in organizing the private service for emergency situations.
  • Financial modeling: Statistical interpretation of data, for market sizing.

About Falck

Falck Group has over 100 years of experience as a fire protection service provider, having a strong worldwide presence.

In Romania, Falck Fire Services is the market leader in private services for emergency situations, offering fire protection services, including fire brigade management, prevention and maintenance, as well as consulting and training for emergency situations.



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