Metropolis Foundation is a charitable organization focused on providing social assistance to vulnerable children in its own and partner centers, on the renewal of public hospitals with private funds, and on supporting individual causes.

To better achieve its fundraising goals and to raise awareness of its projects, the Foundation commissioned MKOR to conduct a study on behaviors and attitudes that would capture the donation habits of Romanians.

We conducted a quantitative study, using the data collection instrument of an online opinion poll, carried out with the help of the MKOR Panel.

The research targeted general habits and attitudes toward donations, recurring causes, barriers encountered, as well as health specifics and defining types of donors.


Research Objectives

The market research objectives included analyzing donation behaviors, evaluating donor positioning and the organizations for health in the donors’ mind, to better understand their needs and preferences, and to optimize donation attraction strategies.

Additionally, the aim was to identify the potential for donating to health-related causes and to create detailed profiles of donors, to guide future actions efficiently and to increase the philanthropic impact of the foundation.

  • Determining general donation habits: frequency, methods, types of beneficiaries and causes
  • Top causes chosen by Romanians for donating money
  • Most frequently used donation methods
  • What is the average value of the last monetary donation
  • Determining the demographic and behavioral profile of donors

About the Research

For the market research for Metropolis Foundation, we conducted a quantitative study, applied through an online opinion poll (CAWI), carried out with the help of MKOR’s own panel.

  • Targeted Population: Donors and non-donors, men and women, aged between 30-55, from all developmental regions of the country
  • Research Instruments: Online opinion poll (CAWI)
  • Sample: Random, stratified, nationally representative based on gender, age, and geographic distribution

About the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation

The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2007. The mission of the Metropolis Foundation is to create access for children and young people to health, education, and balanced emotional development.

The Foundation focuses on providing social assistance to vulnerable children in its own centers and partners, renovating public hospitals with private funds, and supporting verified individual causes.

Starting in 2020, the Foundation set a new goal to renovate public hospitals under the project “Public Hospitals with Private Money” – A world where health is refreshed. The purpose of the project is to bring hospitals in Romania to modern standards, through renovation, rehabilitation, and equipment supply projects.

The Metropolis Foundation is a pillar in the philanthropic community, committed to creating a better Romania. For over 20 years, it has focused on the health, education, and emotional development of vulnerable children.

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