In order to strengthen its Employer Branding strategy, the global British American Tobacco Company (BAT) has collaborated with MKOR specialists. The results of the collaboration provided relevant information for the company and thus contributed to its strategic positioning as a wanted employer.

Testing new concepts of Employer Branding

The collaboration with BAT Romania consisted in the organization and development of a Focus Group in order to test new concepts of Employer Branding.

MKOR recruited the participants for the focus group in accordance to the required profile, young millennials with different characteristics specific to the potential candidates within the BAT company.

The participants were exposed to a number of concepts of Employer Branding and were then invited in a friendly, yet structured environment to evaluate them.

Subsequently, participants’ responses to the focus group were corroborated, analysed and presented in an easy-to-follow report.

Increased attractiveness as an employer

The conclusions of the report prepared by MKOR Consulting provided strategic information needed to choose the right concept and to ensure success of the new recruitment campaign.

About B.A.T.

British American Tobacco Top Employer
B.A.T. is certified by the Top Employers Institute

British American Tobacco (BAT) Romania is a leader in the Romanian market in cigarette production. British American Tobacco Romania was awarded the Top Employers Romania award, ranking it among the most desired employers in the country.

Target Market

  • Romania, Bucharest

Research Methodology


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