Technology has an increasingly important role in business, and digitization has become essential to remain competitive in the market and improve efficiency in organizations.

Senior Software is a local supplier and developer of integrated software solutions for business management that helps companies in Romania and beyond, to reach their maximum potential, work more efficiently and be more profitable, offering them the technical solutions suited to their needs.

With over 20 years of experience, Senior Software implements state-of-the-art hardware & software systems and offers consulting from professionals with experience in IT, Economics, Logistics and Production.

Although there are numerous suppliers of software, hardware, digital applications and local and international systems to which we can have access, the digital technology and optimization process still faces certain challenges in Romania, especially in the case of SMEs.

In this context, the software company delegated MKOR to carry out a feasibility study with the aim of validating the potential of an innovative solution for the integrated management of company resources. At the same time, we set out to discover what is the approach of small and medium-sized businesses regarding technology and digitization in the work flow within organizations.

In partnership with Senior Software, we carried out the “Digitalization in Romanian SMEs” Study, and the report and research results were published in the press. Below you can see the press coverage section. The key results discovered and the conclusions from the study are relevant and valuable for the business environment in Romania. We invite you to download the “Digitalization in Romanian SMEs” report here . The study was carried out in partnership with Senior Software, at the end of 2022.

Digitization in Romanian SMEs

For this market research , we conducted a CAWI & CATI quantitative study, using as a data collection tool the online and telephone opinion survey, carried out on the basis of Senior Software’s customers. The research also included a component to assess customer satisfaction with working with Senior Software.

According to the research results, companies are looking for digitization solutions to optimize key business areas, such as flow and process optimization and data management.

To be successful in implementation, decision makers consider strategic approach, allocation of financial resources and expertise as key pillars.

Here are some key points:

  • 57% of participating SMEs measure the impact of digitization in turnover
  • For a quarter of the companies, the estimated impact exceeds 30% of the turnover
  • The most sought-after solutions focus on operational efficiency and data management
  • Almost 7 out of 10 SMEs use digital technologies to optimize processes and workflows

Research objectives

The objectives of the research aimed at the deep understanding of digitization in companies, with an emphasis on the process, monitoring the impact of digital systems, sources of information, decision factors.


  • Digitization in the companies under study
  • Benchmarking Software Service Providers
  • Perceived benefits of working with Senior Software
  • Market opportunities and the discovery of potential new solutions

About the business digitalization opportunity research

The data are extracted from the study Business Sentiment – Digitization of SMEs in Romania, carried out by MKOR in partnership with Senior Software.

  • Sample : N=102 respondents
  • Target : decision-makers from Romanian SMEs, responsible for contracting and managing digitization solutions
  • Research method : online and telephone survey (CAWI & CATI)
  • Research tool : questionnaire
  • Period : December 2022

About Senior Software

Senior Software is a local supplier and developer of integrated business management software solutions, present in the market since 2003. The company specializes in the distribution, manufacturing, retail and service industries and offers customized solutions for areas such as FMCG, building materials, pharmaceuticals, equipment and other.

The company has experience in solid practices and customized workflows, integrated into specialized solutions for sales, marketing, management, manufacturing, logistics, reporting and data analysis.

Their applications have a modular structure and can be delivered in different versions, both SaaS and On-premise, which allows the implementation of a flexible licensing policy whose costs are easily controlled.

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