BSG Amanet & Exchange firstly used the services of MKOR Consulting in early 2020 to conduct an audit regarding its position on the local pawn and exchange market.

The first study confirmed the dominant position of the client on both segments, and in the autumn of the same year the study was resumed based on the latest market data.

The analysis of the competitive environment enabled us to identify the strengths of BSG Amanet & Exchange, which subsequently substantiated the customer’s market positioning strategy.

Competitive Analysis of the Pawn and Exchange Market

Report Preview Competitive Analysis of the Romanian Pawn and Exchange Market

In order to identify the customer’s position in the sectors in which it operates, it was necessary to prospect the market by accessing the latest publicly available data.

The competitive analysis included all the economic operators that carry out activities specific to pawning and currency exchange (according to NACE classifications).

The main players were identified based on economic indicators, such as: turnover, profit, average number of employees and total number of branches in the country.

The results obtained from desk research enabled us to identify the most important players in each segment of the targeted market and confirmed the dominant position of the client.

Moreover, benchmarking the top players led to uncovering our customer’s strengths, which were afterwards capitalized in the messages used by BSG to promote its services in the markets in which it operates.

The Research Objectives

The main objectives we have considered in this research are:

  • Competitors analysis and market positioning of BSG Money Exchange in the top companies from the currency exchange segment;
  • Identifying the strengths of the company and translating them into appropriate messages for marketing campaigns.


Target market: Romania
Research method: Desk research

About BSG Amanet & Exchange

BSG Amanet & Exchange is one of the top currency exchange and pawnshop companies in Romania, owning over 130 agencies in 27 counties. With a team of over 450 specialists BSG provides services that satisfy customers from all the available locations on a daily basis. The customers benefit from services such as pawning, sales, currency exchange and bank transfers via Western Union.

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