The Romanian Business Leaders Foundation (RBL) has carried out through MKOR the Insights PulseZ study, 2023-2024 edition.

Insights PulseZ is the largest study in Romania dedicated to Generation Z. The study is part of the “I Want to be an Entrepreneur” project (VSFA), initiated in 2013 by RBL.

Currently, Romanian Business Leaders advocates for public policies that benefit society and the Romanian business environment, focusing on education, entrepreneurship, and fiscal policy.

The best way to support these activities through advocacy is by using data collected directly from the market.

As a market research agency, we strive hard because with RBL we have conducted a research that offers a valuable perspective on the way Generation Z views Romanian society.

What We Aimed for With This Research on Gen-Z?

The Insights PulseZ project, conducted by VSFA, is a regular and representative survey carried out among young people of Generation Z, with ages ranging from 16 to 24 years old. Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, is known for its progress-oriented mindset, differentiation, and involvement in social issues, as well as for its highly developed technical skills.

This survey aims to understand:

  • their current situation,
  • online behavior,
  • consumption patterns, needs, preferences in terms of career,
  • interest in entrepreneurship and sustainability, as well as
  • motivations in both personal and professional life.

The goal of this project is to provide support to organizations by supplying data and insights that enable them to make operational and business decisions.

Romania’s Generation Z, consisting of over 3 million young people, has a significant impact both in the consumer domain and in the labor market.

For this research project, we conducted a quantitative study using an online opinion survey, administered with the help of the MKOR’s Research Panel and through our proprietary platform.

Download “Behaviors and Attitudes Study: The Gen Z Portrait 'I Want to be an Entrepreneur'", an RBL project, and discover the study's results

Research Objectives

The research conducted by RBL & MKOR has delved into various facets of life and perceptions among Generation Z, offering a nuanced view of their attitudes and behaviors. The primary objectives addressed in this study include:

  1.  Perspectives on Life and Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence

    Investigated how members of Gen Z form opinions on Artificial Intelligence, uncovering their engagement with technology in the workplace and beyond. Key findings revealed that, despite being digitally native, 6 out of 10 youngsters still interact with AI mostly in gaming contexts.

  2.  Gen Z and Sustainable Consumption

    Examined how Gen Z approaches sustainable consumption, including challenges and innovations in their daily lives aimed at sustainability. The study found a willingness to change consumption patterns, primarily driven by food and health choices.

  3.  Activities for Personal and Professional Development

    Identified preferred activities among Gen Z for personal and professional growth, including areas of interest. The study highlighted the importance of hobbies and leisure in shaping career aspirations and life satisfaction.

  4.  Determining Factors for Success in Life and Occupational Status

    Explored what Gen Z considers crucial for success and occupational standing across generations, with a focus on career aspirations and workplace engagement. Workshops and training emerged as significant for loyalty and career advancement.

  5.  Perceptions and Attitudes Related to Success

    Investigated Gen Z’s attitudes towards success, inflation, and financial expectations, assessing how these perceptions influence adaptation and resilience strategies. The study pinpointed a blend of optimism and pragmatism in facing economic challenges.


The Most Interesting Findings of the Research

The study conducted by RBL and MKOR on Generation Z has revealed a series of fascinating insights regarding the behavior and attitudes of these young individuals. The key findings of the study highlight:

  • Gen Z primarily turns to music for relaxation and to cope with daily stress and challenges.
  • About 4 in 10 young individuals talk to a friend or family member when they need support.
  • 60% of the entrepreneurial youth have incorporated AI into their daily routines, while less than a third of students have done so.
  • 6 out of 10 young people say they purchase food sustainably as much as they need, promoting a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Regardless of their current occupational status, 6 in 10 young people are in search of a job, of which 66% are actively engaged in the job market. Those least interested in a potential workplace are the ones running their own business.
  • 21% of Gen Z view the upcoming 12 months with optimism and believe their family’s adventures will increase.
  • Over half of the Gen Z participants express interest in the VSFA project activities, especially males aged between 19-21 from rural areas.


About the Research on Generation Z

For this project, a quantitative study was carried out with the tool of telephone opinion poll data collection, conducted with the assistance of interview operators.

  • Targeted Age Group: Individuals aged 16-24 years, among which 14% are aged 16-18 years, 42% are within the 9-21 age group, and 44% are aged 22-24 years.
  • Research Instruments: Opinion polls conducted by interview operators using respondents from MKOR’s Consumer Panel.
  • Sample Size: 1038 individuals.
  • Additional Methodological Information: 33% of respondents are from urban areas, while 67% are from various urban regions across Romania.

Geanina Ioan, one of the partners who have supported the PulseZ study:

Gen Z is a generation that highly values health, relationships, and financial security.

The Pulse Z 2023 study indicates that financial independence is a significant goal for Gen Z, regardless of the cost. They are concerned about their own physical and mental health.

Additionally, they focus on family and friend relationships, as these connections in their youth begin to shape their personal fulfillment. More confident in themselves and their goals, Gen Z can have a positive impact on society, bringing fresh perspectives on health, the environment, and the personal and professional job-life balance.

avatar geanina ioan

Geanina Ioan – Chilli Ideas Founder

Download “Behaviors and Attitudes Study: The Gen Z Portrait 'I Want to be an Entrepreneur'", an RBL project, and discover the study's results

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Download “Behaviors and Attitudes Study: The Gen Z Portrait 'I Want to be an Entrepreneur'", an RBL project, and discover the study's results