In the context of a dynamic market, Spring Harghita wanted to measure certain indicators related to the notoriety of its brand in the Romanian bottled water market, as well as to dioscover the profile of its consumers.

Thus, with the help of MKOR Consulting, Spring Harghita conducted a study on water consumption habits among Romanians.

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Nationally Representative Research

The study was conducted using the online opinion survey method (CAWI), on a sample of N = 1,067 respondents, nationally representative, according to geographical distribution criteria (development regions, urban and rural), gender, and age range.

The respondents were distributed representatively according to gender (51% women, 49% men), age (20-64 years), and geographical distribution (development regions), urban and rural environment (57% and, respectively, 43%). according to INS available data in May 2018. The respondents are part of the MKOR consumer panel.

The analysis was carried out taking into account four different segments of consumers, depending on the intensity of their interaction with Spring Harghita: heavy-users, potential users, ex-users, and non-users (with the identification of the reasons behind loyalty and reluctance manifested towards the brand).

About Mineral Quantum

Mineral Quantum was established in 1997 and began production in December 1998, being an exclusively private company and activating in the exploitation of resources and the bottling of natural mineral water. The bottling is done under the brand name SPRING HARGHITA (registered trademark). The headquarters of the company is located in Sâncrăieni commune, Harghita county.

Target market:

  • Romania


  • Online Opinion Survey (CAWI)


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