The collaboration between MKOR Consulting and AUTO SOFT consists of a mix of qualitative research (Mystery Shopping, which takes place monthly since February 2018) and quantitative research (Continuous customer satisfaction assessment study which takes place monthly since November 2018).

The monthly reports target all five AUTO SOFT locations from Bucharest:

Both stages of the research provide valuable information regarding the services provided and enable real time adjustments, in terms of service offer and internal procedures in order to constantly improve customer experience.

Preview report Mystery Shopping AUTO SOFT

The Objective Audit of Internal Procedures

The main research objectives are:

  • Identifying how do company employees comply with implemented procedures (mechanics and managers);
  • The attitude of the staff towards the customers of the car service workshops chain.

In order to achieve these objectives, the research sessions consist in visits to the AUTO SOFT locations performed by MKOR mystery shoppers, especially trained to gather specific information previously agreed with our client.

The report prepared by the MKOR team following the Mystery Shopping sessions includes information on:

  • the average waiting time in each of the five locations;
  • the compliance with internal procedures;
  • offering complementary services, etc.

Based on this data, the MKOR team proposes a series of recommendations on a monthly basis, their effectiveness in improving customer experience being subsequently validated during the customer satisfaction assessment phase.

Preview report Mystery Shopping AUTO SOFT

The evolution of the project from Mystery Shopping to Continuous Customer Satisfaction Research

After dozens of mystery shopping evaluations and the implementation of MKOR recommendations by AUTO SOFT, the project also evolved into a quantitative component, respectively in a study of constant evaluation of customer satisfaction within the car service chain.

Starting from the information gathered in the first part of the collaboration, but also from the strategic objectives pursued by the AUTO SOFT management, we developed a new stage of research, consisting in the assessment of customer satisfaction.

Customers are asked to scan a QR code available on the work estimate and fill in a short satisfaction questionnaire regarding the services they received.

Thus, the quality indicators followed by the mysterious customers are also monitored by the real customers of the car service workshops, thus providing real-time insights regarding the satisfaction level, but also opinions and suggestions for future improvements.

About the Research

Target Market: Bucharest, Romania


  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customer satisfaction survey (CAWI)


AUTO SOFT has 5 car service workshops in Bucharest, where customers can benefit from tire installation and other related services.

Appreciation according to the services


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MKOR studies during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts consumption behaviors in ways that are difficult to predict. In this context, MKOR consultants are up to date with the latest recommendations of the global research community regarding new approaches that can be used in predicting consumer behaviors.

Similarly, MKOR conducts its own research projects on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic both in the case of the general population and the business environment. You can download these studies for free from the website section dedicated to Public Research.