In order to better understand the market context from the consumer’s perspective, Piera delegated MKOR to carry out a market study that explored topics of interest regarding the purchase of lingerie in general, as well as positioning against the main competitors and in-depth understanding of consumers.

For this project, we carried out a quantitative study, using as a data collection tool the online opinion survey, carried out with the help of MKOR’s own Panel.

Romanian consumers behavior regarding lingerie purchases

The data obtained through the usage and attitudes study revealed the context in which Romanian consumers purchase women lingerie, their preferred purchasing channel, as well as the average amount spent per shopping session.

Also, our client obtained relevant insights about its consumers (consumer personas) and its positioning in the market.


Research objectives

The main objectives of the study were:

  • Identifying purchase frequency, contexts, purchased products, allocated budgets
  • Identifying brand awareness, the conversion rate, preferred brands and satisfaction level (Net Promoter Score benchmarking)
  • The selection criteria for lingerie items, brand positioning in consumer perception
  • The specifics of Piera consumers vs the specifics of its main competitors consumers
  • General sources of information and digital behaviors

About the research

This study involved primary research, collecting data directly from the source through the online opinion survey.

  • Target market: the lingerie market in Romania
  • Type of research: quantitative
  • Research Tool: Online Opinion Survey (CAWI)
  • Target audience: N=800, representative of the urban environment, based on age criteria (18-55 years) and geographical distribution (regions of geographical development)

About Piera

Piera is a Romanian company present on the lingerie market in Romania for almost 20 years. The company addresses especially the female audience, through its own brand, but also the male audience, through the Pier@men brand.

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