To penetrate the local market, VouchForMe contracted MKOR to carry out an opportunity study on the local car insurance market.

The research was focused on two segments of the public: drivers and their relatives, to understand the potential in the local market for an innovative service in the insurance market.

The startup wants to revolutionize the insurance market, through the concept of vouching between community members. VouchForMe is based on the premise that insurance can be tailored to each individual.

In the created ecosystem, the opinion of the community is equivalent to a risk assessment for an individual, who in return benefits from a lower cost of insurance.


Starting from the need to know the local culture, we carried out a mixed methodology research.

The Online Community (Market Research Online Community – using MKOR’s own platform) and the quantitative consumer study (with the help of the MKOR Online Panel) aimed at discovering the behaviors and attitudes regarding RCA and Casco insurances.

The resulting analyzes defined the market potential, the consumer profile, and also what consumers understand by the term “guarantee” – how they relate to the concept of “guaranteeing” for another person.

Elements of social and cultural dynamics, vital for a multinational product, were also analyzed.

Study Result: VouchForMe Launch on the Local Market

Romanian Auto Insurance Market – Report Preview

VouchForMe launched a partnership with Euroins Romania in July 2019, through which a new type of Casco insurance is available to consumers.

The franchise cost can be shared with friends, and the insurance price gets lower.

The insured can invite friends and family to vouch for him if he wants to lower the level of the franchise. This cost is particularly high in the case of drivers considered at risk (young or ones with incidents history).

The vouching is possible through the VouchForMe (VFM) app, for CASCO insurances in the Euroins network.

About VouchForMe

VouchForMe – Romanian Auto Insurance Market Innovative Service

VouchForMe is an insurance service that was built on the premise that insurance can be personalized. VFM has created an ecosystem where community opinion is considered risk assessment.

In return, the insured benefits from increased confidence from the insurer, which translates into a lower insurance price.

About the Study

To collect data relevant to VochForMe’s objectives and to validate the study’s hypotheses, MKOR Consulting conducted a mixed-methodology study.

  • Target market: Romania
  • Qualitative research: online community, own platform MKOR MROC)
  • Quantitative research: online opinion poll, using the MKOR Panel)

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