MKOR Consulting conducted a market study for the 14th Lane restaurant, exploring opportunities in the Bucharest market. The study aimed to identify development opportunities by analyzing and understanding the dining preferences of consumers in the city.

14THLANE is a restaurant located within the business hub called The Bridge, offering customers the concept of a Food Hall. It brings together a wide culinary range from burgers, pizzas, and salads to Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Currently, the restaurant is perceived by clients more as a lunch spot, especially favored by employees and residents in the area.

The restaurant’s investors aim to attract customers not only during the weekday lunch hours but also for evening dining in the city.

Studying the Dining Habits of Restaurant Customers

Cercetare Restaurant 14TH Lane

Thus, MKOR conducted a market research for 14THLANE with the following objectives:

  • Identification of the dining habits of Bucharest’s residents in terms of eating out;
  • Identification of the optimal mix of services that the restaurant can offer, starting from consumer preferences;
  • Identification of the customer profile for the new restaurant, so that effective targeting can be achieved.

Additionally, the main information channels used by consumers were monitored when they are looking for a place to eat out in the city.

Conclusions of the Opinion Survey

Cum aleg bucureștenii restaurantul

A positive past experience is the most important criterion for selecting a restaurant today when deciding where to eat.

When seeking information about a restaurant, the primary source of trust for most respondents is the opinion and recommendations of acquaintances.

Beyond this, travel partners are the main influencers in choosing a place to dine out in the city.

All of the above demonstrates that the impression left on clients is the most important calling card and a key factor for a restaurant’s success.

In a recent opportunity study conducted by MKOR, the management obtained relevant information regarding strategic positioning in the Bucharest market, meeting customer needs to a large extent. Also, by identifying the consumer profile, they can efficiently target marketing efforts, resulting in long-term clients and reduced advertising costs.

Target Market for Quantitative Research

  • Romania, Bucharest

Methodology of the Opportunity Study


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